Immobilization of hurdle 4

Possibly the last examples for our 7th TT CCM... They are most varied of all example files, both long and short direct mates and helpmates.
D. H. Bruma
1762 Die Schwalbe November 1964

1.Gc7! th. 2.Ga5#
1...Gc4 2.Sd5#
1...Qb5 2.d5#
1...Qc4 2.Sa4#
1...Bb5 2.Gc1#

Only two mates with immobilization of hurdle - threat and 1...Bb5.

#2 (10+8)
4+2 grasshopper

André Bantegnie
2nd Prize Phénix 1996

1.g3! KAh4 2.f3 KAe3 3.g4 KAh5 4.f4 KAe4 5.g5 KAh6 6.f5 KAe5 7.g6 KAh7 8.f6 KAe6 9.g7 KAh8 10.gxh8KA#

Systematical movement involving 2 white pawns and 3 black kangaroos. Kangaroo mating from h8 needs two hurdles, ph2 (that is immobile during solution) and KAh7 that plays actively. This moremover is surely inspired by known Onitiu excelsior with black grasshopper, but adds more spice.

#10 (3+7)
0+5 kangaroo

Ivan Brjuchanov
PS691 Problemist Supplement November 1997

1.a2 b4 2.Gc3 b5 3.Gb2 b6 4.Gh8 b7 5.Ga8 bxa8G#

White mates by grasshopper promotion over immobilized pawn.

h#5 (3+4)
1+2 grasshopper

Hans Uitenbroek
Kingston 1999

a) 1.Kd4 Ge5 2.c5 LEd6#

b) 1.Kc4 Ke4 2.c6 LEe6#

"Canonical" immobilization of mao/moa. They can move if some squares are free, but they cannot land on these - so they can be blocked there by enemy pieces as e.g. pawns can be...

h#2 (5+4)
grasshopper b2, c8, leo h6, mao d5
b) moa d5

Petko A. Petkov
feenschach 140 - 2001

1.Rd3 whRe1nh+ 2.nhRe3nb Ge1#

1.Be6 whBh7nh+ 2.nhBf5nb Gh7#

Echo diagonal-orthogonal. Black Re3 (Bf5) blocks the square initially guarded by whRe1 (whBg8), that in turn arrives at e3 (f5) in black phase, but it cannot leave this square again in mating position as one direction is blocked, on the other there would be selfcheck.

h#2 (5+6)
2+0 grasshopper, halfneutral rook d1, halfneutral bishop g8

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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