Immobilization of hurdle 1

Not surprisingly I found some good examples for our 7th TT CCM in the award of Bunka 60 JT for h#3 with grasshoppers. By chance I also found out that one h#3 with grasshoppers by Newman Guttman from originals column of Probleemblad shows immobilization of black grasshopper in two phases. So...
Juraj Brabec
4th Prize Bunka - 60 JT C 30.10.1997

a) 1.f6 f3 2.Gcg3 Gc3 3.G5e3 Ge1#

b) 1.f5 f4 2.Geg3 Ge3 3.Gce5 Ge1#

Black grasshoppers are not only immobilized, they arrive at g3 first! Reciprocal change of functions between white grasshoppers and also black grasshoppers. First moves by pawns are nicely synchronized too.

h#3 (4+9)
2+2 grasshopper
b) d2 -» e2

Dieter Müller
1st HM Bunka - 60 JT C 30.10.1997

1.Ghf4 Rh8 2.Rg7 Rb8 3.Re7 Gc8#

1.Rxe5 Kg1 2.Re6 Rb2 3.Rd6 Gh1#

1.Kb5 Ke3 2.Ga5 Kxd3 3.Kb4 Rb2#

Judge of original competition, jubilee Vladislav Bunka, rightly pointed that two solutions are analogous, but the third is disturbing. This can be removed, I believe. If we turn attention to two "good" solutions only, we have standard blocking as a way of immobilization, but also withdrawal from e5 extended into annihilation if we consider manoeuvre Rg5xe5-d6 in second solution. It would be nice to double it, for example...

h#3 (6+7)
2+3 grasshopper

Vladimir Kos
5th Comm Bunka - 60 JT C 30.10.1997

a) 1.Sg2 Gg1 2.Sh4 Gc1 3.Sf5 Gb1#

b) 1.Sf5 Gg4 2.Sg7 Gg8 3.Sf5 Ga8#

c) 1.Gf4 G1d4 2.G5f5 Ga7 3.Sd5 Gh7#

3 echo model mates with immobilization by blocking in all positions! In my opinion much better than much higher placed problem by Müller.

h#3 (3+8)
2+6 grasshopper
b) g7 -» b8
c) h4 -» b6

Václav Kotesovec
Comm Bunka - 60 JT C 30.10.1997

1.Gd5 Gxf3 2.Gf5 Gad5 3.cxd5 Gh5#

1.Gf2 Ghd5 2.Gxc5 Gxf3 3.Gf5 Gh5#

In diagram position bK stands in check, so black must start by Gf5 move - and both available are keys of solutions. The mate is the same in both solutions, but the way of reaching them is different. In first solution there is switchback by both black and white Gs, in the meantime other white G sacrifices himself allowing immobilization by blocking. White annihilates pf3. The same white motive is in other solution with two (triangular) round trips by both black and white grasshoppers, in this solution black annihilates pc5 too, allowing indirect "antibattery" immobilization - other motive that calls for better rendering in new work.

h#3 (6+10)
2+1 grasshopper

Newman Guttman
F090 Probleemblad 1/1999

1.f1S dxe3 2.Sd2 cxd3 3.Sb1 Kc2#

1.f1B Gc3 2.Be2+ Kc1 3.Bd1+ Ge1#

Fine anticipatory blocking as way of immobilization in both solutions. Black works hard to gain convenient pieces that can do this job - he promotes and runs. White's actions in the meantime are different, but his primary goal is to get out of the way by own king. Good.

h#3 (6+8)
2+3 grasshopper

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