Isaak Kavnatsky 90th Jubilee Tourney C 1.10.2001

The IK90JT requires H#3-n showing the Chernous Theme, as described below, and as illustrated by the 14 examples provided herein, with one or more lines of play. Twinning and duplex are allowed, but no variations or zero-positions. Entries to Dan Meinking must be received by October 1st, 2001.

The Chernous Theme features the following events in H#3-n form:
  1. A black line piece (BLP) gives check, either directly or (see example IK01) as the rear piece of a battery;
  2. A white unit (WU) self-pins by interfering on the check-line, and is later unpinned by Black;
  3. The BLP moves again to self-block;
  4. The WU delivers mate.
The BLP may be promoted. The unpin may be by withdrawal, or (see IK02) by line-closure. Model mates and/or Meredith positions are desirable, but not required.

Entries to: Dan Meinking / 663 Steiner St. / Cincinnati, OH 45204-1327 / U.S.A. Email:

(Comments are taken from announcement in SG13.)


1.Ba7+! Re1 2.Rf1 Rc1 3.Rf7 Rc8# (model)

h#3 (3+8)


1.Rh3+ Bh2 2.Rh7 Bd5 3.Sh6 Be5# (model)

h#3 (3+5)

Kevin Begley
StrateGems 2001

1.c3 Kd8 2.c2 Kc7 3.c1Q+! Bc2 4.Qb1 Bh7 5.Qf5 Bg8# (ideal)

h#5 (3+4)

Dan Meinking
The Problemist 2001
dedicated to Isaak Kavnatsky

1.a1Q+ Sf1 2.Qh8+ Sh2 3.Qa8+ Sf3 4.Sb7 Se5 5.Bb6 Sc6# (model)

h#5 (2+9)

Isaak Kavnatsky
StrateGems 2001
commemorating IK90JT

a) 1.Ka6! (b5?) Qxg4 2.Qf1+ Qf3 3.Qb5 Qa8# (model)

b) 1.b5! (Ka6?) Qh4 2.Qe1+ Qe7 3.Qb4 Qa7# (model)

h#3 (4+7)
b) f8 -» e8

Isaak Kavnatsky
StrateGems 2001

a) 1.b1R+ Rc1 2.Ra1 Re1 3.Ra7 Re8# (model)

b) 1.f1R+ Re1 2.Rh1 Rc1 3.Rh7 Rc8# (model)

h#3 (2+7)
b) rotate 90 degrees

Isaak Kavnatsky
StrateGems 2001

1.Rf7 Qxb2! (Qxb3?) 2.f1R+ Qc1 3.Rf5 Qc6# (model)

1.Rg6 Qxb3! (Qxb2?) 2.e1R+ Qd1 3.Re6 Qf3# (model)

h#3 (6+13)

Isaak Kavnatsky
StrateGems 2001
dedicated to Dan Meinking

1.Rh1+ Rb1 2.Re1 Rd1! (Kb2?) 3.Re8 Rd5 4.Rg8 Rh5# (model)

1.Ra7+ Ra2 2.Ra5 Ra4! (Kb2?) 3.Rh5 Re4 4.Rh7 Re8# (model)

h#4 (2+15)

Vladimir Chernous
Isaak Kavnatsky

1st Comm StrateGems 1998

1.Rc3 f8Q 2.Qh5+ Qf7 3.Qe2 Qxh7# (model)

1.Be4 f8S 2.Qe5+ Se6 3.Qc3 Sf4# (model)

Combination of S/Q promotions.

h#3 (5+9)

Vladimir Chernous
Dan Meinking

5th HM Harmonie 1999

1.Reg6 Sd2 2.Qd1+ Sb3 3.Qg4 Sd4# (model)

1.Rgg6 Se5 2.Qd4+ Sc4 3.Qf6 Se3# (model)

Reversal of S/S function, with one selfpinning/mating and the other guarding.

h#3 (4+8)

Vladimir Chernous
Nikolaj Nagnibida

Sachova Skladba 1998

1.Rd7 Sg3 2.Qe5+ Sf5 3.Qc7 Sd4# (model)

1.Rc7 Sf2 2.Qe2+ Sg4 3.Qb5 Se5# (model)

Mates are similar to IK10, but all functions are performed by one wS; maximum economy.

h#3 (4+6)

Isaak Kavnatsky
Strategems 2001

1.Rb1 Be4 2.d1B+ Bf3 3.Bb3 Bc6# (model)

1.Bf7+ Bg6 2.Be8 Bb2 3.Bb5 Bc2# (model)

Shutoff/block snuff the bR; self-pins at 1st/2nd moves; surprise promotion 2.d1B!

h#3 (5+13)

Isaak Kavnatsky
Strategems 2001

1.Bxf4+ Rg5 2.Bc1 Bd4+ 3.Bb2 Rg1# (pin-model)

1.Rxc6+ Bd6 2.Rc1 Rg1 3.Rb1 Be5# (pin-model)

Diagonal & orthogonal selfblocks with pin-mates. Dual avoidance.

h#3 (8+7)

Isaak Kavnatsky
Strategems 2001

1.Qb3 Qxe2 2.Qc3+ Qd2 3.Qg7 Qd8# (model)

1.b3 Qe5 2.Qb4+ Qc3 3.Qe7 Qh8# (model)

Original matrix with four non-guarded squares and without technical pieces.

h#3 (2+12)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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