Helpmates with twin by moving black king 8

I almost forgot to supply some thematical examples for second section of our tournament. So here come the first fairy helpmates with twinning by moving the black king. Comments are by maintainer JL.
Michal Dragoun
Problemkiste 1992

a) 1.c6 cxb5(Bf1) 2.Bxb5(pb7) b8B#
b) 1.Rd6 cxd5(Qd1)+ 2.Qxd5(pd7) d8S#

Rather good analogy and use of Mirror Circe specifical element compared to ordinary Circe - moving pawn near promotion square by capture.

h#2 (5+8)
Mirror circe
b) d6 -» c6

Frank Fiedler
442 Harmonie 55/1998

a) 1.Nb2 Nxd5 2.Ga1 Nc3#
b) 1.Nh2 Nxg5 2.Ghh1 Nh3#

Analogy (double blocking by the same black pieces, creation of battery and mate by double check), but rather simple.

h#2 (3+9)
1+2 grasshopper, 1+1 nightrider
b) a2 -» g1

Nils A. Bakke
3rd Prize Springaren 1993

a) 1.Qf4+ e4 2.Qf5 exf5Q 3.Rh7 Qf8#
b) 1.Rc5 exd3 2.Rc4 dxc4R 3.Sb7 Rc8#
c) 1.Bh5 exf3 2.Bg4 fxg4B 3.Bg1 Bf3#
d) 1.Sf5 e3 2.Sd4 exd4S 3.Qb1 Sb3#

Albino, AUW in special Frankfurt form, and model mates in minimal with 4-corners twinning. Very good performance despite lack of deeper strategy and a lot of unused pieces in all phases.

h#3 (2+16)
Frankfurt Chess
b) h8 -» a8
c) h8 -» h1
d) h8 -» a1

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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