Helpmates with twin by moving black king 14

We organized in 1998-99 thematical tourney for this kind of helpmates. After longer time I returned to the idea and tried to gather from various sources new interesting examples. One is older - minimal h#2 by Manhart - but it surely deserves noticing.
Jevgenij Fomichev
Andrej Zhuravlev

H2323 The Problemist November 1999

a) 1.Be5 Bxe5 2.Rh2 Bxh2#
b) 1.Re5 Rxe5 2.Be1 Rxe1#

Ideal echo diagonal-orthogonal, it means every move and motive has its ideal counterpart in second phase with D-O transformation.

h#2 (5+10)
b) e6 -» d6

Mark Pevsner
3056 Phénix 73 - April 1999

a) 1.Be6 Bxf5 2.Bb6 Bd3#
b) 1.Rf4 Rxf5 2.Rcc4 Rd5#

Again echo diagonal-orthogonal, less impressive and with double check mates that are rather cheap.

h#2 (4+8)
b) b5 -» d3

Marek Kolcák
3070 Phénix 73 - April 1999

a) 1.Rf3 Rc2 2.Be3 Bb1 3.Sd5 Rc4#
b) 1.Rf3 Rc2 2.Be3 Bb1 3.Sd5 Rc4#

Super idea! The solution is the same in both phases, but the motivation is different and that is caused only by moving of bK. In a) we see triple blocking, in b) triple closing of black line.

h#3 (4+16)
b) e4 -» f5

Markus Manhart
1st Prize Thema Danicum 1991

a) 1.Bd2 Qxc5 2.Sf5 Qf8#
b) 1.Sd2 Qa4 2.Bf5 Qe8#
c) 1.d2 Qxe4 2.Rf5 Qh4#

Unbelievable minimal problem - black three times plays to the same squares, everytime opening way for wQ move. Naturally, there are additional motives precising the moves.

h#2 (2+14)
b) h8 -» g8
c) h8 -» h2

Alexandr Pankratiev
1st Prize Martin-Zilina 1998-99

a) 1.Rc4 Ba1 2.Qb2 Rb8+ 3.Kc3 Bxb2#
b) 1.Rd7 Ra8 2.Qb8 Be5+ 3.Kc8 Rxb8#

Judge Karol Mlynka: "'Bristol ten-piece aristocrat' with sweet revenge of black Queen with full-of-effects joining of static and dynamical artistical elements. Genuine masterwork."

h#3 (3+7)
b) b4 -» c7

Dan C. Gurgui
Comm Martin-Zilina 1998-99

a) 1.Ra1 Rc4+ 2.Kb1 Bg6#
b) 1.d5 Be8 2.d6 Se6#
c) 1.Rb7 Sg6 2.Rg2 Rh4#

Judge Karol Mlynka: "Cyclical unpinning with cyclical 'nightsleeping' we already saw at Slovak works too."

h#2 (5+9)
b) c2 -» c5
c) c2 -» h3

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