Helpmates with twin by moving black king 13

Here are various black king twinned helpmates that I found in last days.
Alexandr Motchalkin
5th Comm Martin 1994-95

a) 1.Bb7 Bc6 2.Qd5 Bb5#
b) 1.Bc6 Bd5 2.Qe4 Be6#

Loshinskij theme two times doubled (?) - magnet black - white and white - black with, of course, common white move.

h#3 (4+11)
b) c4 -» f5

Carlos Sabadini
Bilten 9/1964

a) 1.Qg2 Rh7 2.Qa8 Bg7 3.Ka7 Bd4#
b) 1.Qa2 Bh8 2.Kb1 Rg7 3.Ka1 Rg1#

Critical move, interference that allows bK to enter battery line and mate by double check. Nowadays nothing new, but in 1964 it was possibly interesting.

h#3 (3+4)
b) b6 -» c2

Toma Garai
2nd HM Tidskrift för Schack 1984

a) 1.Qxf4+ Sf2 2.Qb8 Se4 3.Rc7 Sd6#
b) 1.Qxd3+ Se2 2.Qh7 Sd4 3.Rg6 Sf5#

The only way to square, that needs to be blocked, is through white knight. Resulting Zilahi, unpin and inteference are well unified.

h#3 (5+8)
b) c8 -» h6

Don Smedley
4th HM The Problemist 1995

a) 1.Sb6 Rc8 2.Rc7 Bxe5+ 3.Kc6 Rxc7#
b) 1.Sd7 Bb8 2.Bc7 Rxc4+ 3.Kd6 Bxc7#

Echo diagonal-orthogonal with unified motivation. Especially interesting from "hmmobk" (helpmate with twin by moving black king) point of view is the fact that king is in respective phases mated on the square on which he starts in other positions.

h#3 (3+10)
b) d6 -» c6

Jan Kovalic
Imrich Bandzuch

4th Prize Martin 1994-95

a) 1.Rb3 Rc5+ 2.Ke4 Ra5 3.Bc3 Bd3#
b) 1.Ba5 Bc4+ 2.Kf8 Bb3 3.Rb6 Rc8#

Again echo diagonal-orthogonal with unified motivation. Here with unpins by both black and white. Very nice.

h#3 (4+13)
b) f5 -» f7

Zlatko Mihajloski
12th Comm Springaren 1995

a) 1.Sg2 e4 2.Kb5 Se2 3.Ka4 Sc3+ 4.Ka3 Sc2#
b) 1.Kf6 Sd5+ 2.Kg5 Sf6 3.Sd5 e3 4.Kh4 Sf3#

Interferences on black lines and white knights rides. Moving black king is of little value as king goes, goes anyway...

h#4 (4+10)
b) c5 -» e7

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