Helpmates with twin by moving black king 11

Here are some fairy black king twinned helpmates that I found in my literature in last days.
Torsten Linß
Markus Manhart
Manfred Rittirsch

Comm R. Queck 80 JT
Problemkiste 1990

a) 1.Rhc5 Bd5 2.Qc7 Bg2#
b) 1.Bc6 Rd5 2.Rb4 Rg5#

Nice echo diagonal-orthogonal.

h#2 (3+8)
Grid chess
b) c6 -» c5

Franz Pachl
Manfred Rittirsch

1st HM R. Queck 80 JT
Problemkiste 1990

a) 1.Rd3 Bd4 2.Kc3 Be3#
b) 1.Qd3 Qc3 2.Kd4 Qe1#

Interesting creation of reciprocal batteries B+Q and Q+B impossible in orthodox chess.

h#2 (4+6)
Grid chess
b) d2 -» e3

Petko Petkov
feenschach 111/1994

a) 1.h1CD b8CS 2.CDd5CS CSa6CB#
b) 1.h1CB b8CR 2.CBc6CR CRd8CD#

AUW with use of chameleon possibilities. Promotion to chameleon is allowed because one - not playing during solution, only covering necessary squares - is present on diagram.

h#2 (3+6)
chameleon knight d3
b) c4 -» d6

Filipp Bondarenko
Feenschach 1959

a) 1.Ka3 Kc4 2.Kb2 Gb4 3.Kc1 Kb3 4.Kb1 Kb2#
b) 1.Ke4 Gd4 2.Kd3 Kb4 3.Ke2 Kc3 4.Kd1 Kd2#
c) 1.Kg4 Gf4 2.Kf3 Kd4 3.Kg2 Ke3 4.Kf1 Kf2#

3-fold echo of typical grid chess + grasshopper mate.

h#4 (2+1)
Grid chess
grasshopper h4
b) a2 -» e5
c) a2 -» g5

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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