Helpmates with twin by moving black king 10

Here are various black king twinned helpmates that I noticed in last days.
Shaul Shamir
1st HM Manne Persson 80 JT C 1.9.1998

a) 1.Rc3 Bd5 2.Bf4 d4#
b) 1.Bf4 Rd5 2.Rc3 Sd4#

Reciprocal change of black moves, white moves in the same time to the same squares. Everything motivated by need to open and close necessary lines.

h#2 (6+7)
b) c5 -» e6

Paz Einat
Tal Einat

4th HM Manne Persson 80 JT C 1.9.1998

a) 1.Bg4 (Bd4?) Bd3 2.Rg2 Be3#
b) 1.Rf5 (Rf4?) Bc5 2.Bg4 Bb5#

Anticipatory line closings by black. Rather too much of inactive material in respective phases.

h#2 (4+11)
b) h6 -» e8

Dieter Müller
Sinfonie Scacchistiche 3/1987

a) 1.Sc2 Se6 2.Bf5 Bc6#
b) 1.Rf5 Bc6 2.Rc4 Se6#

Reverse of white moves that are mutual unpins. Also rest of strategy is well unified although rather simple due to not very strong white material.

h#2 (5+6)
b) e4 -» d4

Arpad Molnar
8th Comm Manne Persson 80 JT C 1.9.1998

1.Sb6 Qc3 2.e2 Sd6#
1.Bc6 Qe7 2.Kf5 Sh6#

1.Sg6 Qh2 2.Bg4 Sg5#
1.Sb2 Qc2 2.Rg3 Se5#

Rather well unified solutions although no deep strategy. 4 model mates.

h#2 (3+9)
b) e4 -» f3

Alexandr Azhusin
feenschach 1992

a) 1.Bb7 a8S 2.Ka6 Sc7#

b) 1.Bd5 a8B 2.Bb3 Bc6#

c) 1.Bg2 a8R 2.Kf3 Rxa3#

d) 1.Bh1 a8Q 2.Kf1 Qxh1#

Obvious (?) AUW in synthesis with moves of black bishop on diagonal. Simple but well constructed.

h#2 (4+4)
b) b5 -» a4
c) b5 -» g3
d) b5 -» e1

Michael Herzberg
8242 Die Schwalbe X/1993

a) 1.Rh3 Rg3 2.Rh4 Sxf6#

b) 1.Rg3 Rf3 2.Rg7 Rxf6#

c) 1.Rf3 Re3 2.Rf2 Sg3#

d) 1.Re3 Rd3 2.Re1 Rxd2#

e) 1.Rd3 Rc3 2.Rxd6 Sxf6#

f) 1.Rc3 Rb3 2.Rc6 Rxb4#

Maximal sixfold setting of Loshinskij theme (known also as "magnet"). Not very economical, though.

h#2 (6+16)
b) h5 -» f7
c) h5 -» f1
d) h5 -» d1
e) h5 -» d7
f) h5 -» b6

Peter Kniest
491 Die Schwalbe 1960

a) 1.Ba7! Bxe5 2.Kc5 Bf6 3.Kd6 Bd8 4.Ke5 Bc7#

b) 1.Qe2! Bxe5 2.Ke3 Bf6 3.Kf4 Bh4 4.Ke5 Bg3#

Motivation for the capture is clear - there is no other way to let black king to e5. Note nice choosing of 1st black move.

h#4 (4+5)
b) c4 -» d3

Henry Tanner
Prize Ideal-Mate Review 52 1994

a) 1...Kg7 2.Kd7 Kf6 3.Sb4 Ke5 4.Sa5 Kd4 5.Kc6 Kc3 6.Kb5 Kb2 7.Ka4 Sc3#
b) 1...Kf7 2.Ke4 Ke6 3.Ke3 Kd5 4.Kd2 Kc4 5.Kd1 Kc3 6.Se1 Kb2 7.Sd2 Sc3#

Submitted by author as a simple demonstration of longer helpmate with "our" twin. Ideal mates, echo.

h#6,5 (2+3)
b) e6 -» e5

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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