Yehuda Gringard Memorial Tourney C 31.10.2001

The Israel Chess Composition Society announces a composing tourney in memory of Dr. Yehuda Gringard (1912 - 2000), in one of a his favorite fields of composing.

For this tourney, orthodox helpmates in 2,5 (two and a half) moves are required. Theme is free.

Judge: Thomas Maeder (Switzerland).

The following prizes will be granted by the Gringard family:

Closing date: 31.10.2001

Entries should be sent by air mail to Dr. Gringard's son, acting as tourney director. Address:

Nadav Gringard
Tenuat Hameri 2
IL-55286 Kiryat-Ono

See example below.

Yehuda Gringard
1st Prize Israel Ring Tourney 1989

1...Ra8 2.Sb7 d8R 3.Kc7 Rac8#

1...Ra5 2.Se6 d8B 3.Sc6 Rd5#

1...Rc1 2.Sdc6 d8S 3.Kc5 Sb7#

1...Rf1 2.Sf7 d8Q 3.Ke5 Qe7#

h#2,5 (4+6)

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