Grasshoppers and fairy conditions 1

CCM devotes considerable space to h#2 with grasshoppers and nightriders and thus I naturally wonder which special effects may be worked out with use of grasshoppers under various fairy conditions. I decided not to restrict myself this time only to helpmates in two, but to provide wider range of stipulations. Incidentally, this file contains only h#2 Circe, but later content will be more varied.
Milan Legisa
feenschach 1979

a) 1.Bb2 Gxb1(Bc8) 2.Rxb1(Gb8) Sxc5(pc7)#

b) 1.Bc3 Gxd3(Sg8) 2.Rxd3(Gd8) Sxd4(pd7)#

Very good analogy in all moves fully exploiting combination of grasshoper and Circe. Especially mating by antibattery reborn of black pawn is delicious.

h#2 (4+9)
grasshopper b3
b) c6 -» d4

Adrian Storisteanu
British Chess Magazine 1977

1.Rd3 c3+ 2.Gaxc3(pc2) cxd3(Ra8)#

1.Rb3 c4+ 2.Gxc4(pc2) cxb3(Ra8)#

Albino in 2 solutions (!) or "how to avoid capture of my damn pawn?".

h#2 (5+12)
0+5 grasshopper

Friedrich Chlubna
Die Schwalbe 1979

a) 1.Sgf6 fxe4(pe7) 2.Qxf4(Gf8) exd5(Sg8)#

b) 1.Rg6 Gf6 2.Qxf3(pf2) fxg3(pg7)#

Again mates by antibattery using reborn black pieces with less unified strategy in other points - but using a knight what is more difficult to handle - everything compared to Legisa's work.

h#2 (3+9)
grasshopper f4
b) black Bg8

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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