A funny incident

February 16th 2001
18:15 ZULU
Bratislava, Slovakia
I attended our regular meeting of chess composition friends. As usually, about 10 Slovak chess composers were present, this time Bedrich Formánek, Juraj Brabec, Ivan Jarolin, Ladislav Polacek, Cyril Opalek, Marian Cervenka, Marek Kolcak, Oliver Ralik, Karol Mlynka, Peter Gvozdjak, me, and possibly I've forgotten someone. As usually, some problems were shown on board in the middle of table, some originals by present people, some problems that we found in literature, various matters were discussed. This time we began by analysing merits of some twomovers from just finishing 6th WCCT.

After discussion was over, Peter Gvozdjak told us he has some originals to present. As I knew about his recent research in complicated fairy twomovers with letter themes, his collaborator beeing Reto Aschwanden, I was expecting something really crazy with crowded board, even more when he announced it is the original he just received. After setting below given position with only 4 units, I was naive enough to ask him whether that's all. He answered with wide smile "Yeah..". That made me almost wordless as I was thinking what the stupid problem did he get for Pat a Mat, where he is in charge of #2 section. So I was waiting in expectation of something odd. And it came...! I realized that on the board there was the position I've sent him just a few hours ago... It existed only to illustrate special stalemate rule with paralysing pieces (that side with all pieces paralysed or blocked is stalemated even if it is checked). Peter went on and showed both try and solution having difficulties with speech (due to laugh) and well, I laughed too. It should be said that I only inserted the position into my generic Popeye file with fields 'aut JL' and 'ori Original' and forgetting about that I sent it by e-mail to Peter.

I hope I will be able to repay him this joke soon... :-)
Juraj Lörinc
Original :-)

1.pSe2-f4 ? th. 2.Kb3-c4 #
1...f7-f5 !

1.pSe2-c3 ! th. 2.Kb3-c4 #

#2 (2+2)
paralyzing knight e2

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