Fairy helpmates with echo diagonal-orthogonal 7

This time I have selected a few quite sharp helpmates. They all contain, besides other thematical elements, a crosscheck - check by one side is answered by check by the other side. This is the 7th special example file for 14th TT CCM.
Daniel Joffart
3rd Comm feenschach 1972

1.kRxc5 kSf2 2.kQxf3+ kSxh1#

1.kBxf3 kSb4 2.kBxc5+ kSxc2#

To reach the mate, both white pawns c5 and f3 must disappear. But the second capture by Black means the check to wK.

h#2 (7+12)
kamikaze unit a3, d3, f1 - c2, e7, f7, h1

Petko A. Petkov
Krasimir Gandev

1st HM Schach-Echo 1973

a) 1.Bh5 dxe5(Rh8) 2.Bxf7(Rh1)+ Rxh3(ph7)#

b) 1.Re7 dxc5(Qd8) 2.Rxf7(Bf1)+ Bxe2(pe7)#

The check to White is defended in a Circe-typical manner - by rebirth of the pawn on the check line.

h#2 (6+10)
b) wBf7

Harry Fougiaxis
1st Prize Springaren 1992

a) 1.Sb5+ Sf7+ 2.PAc7+ Sed6#

b) 1.Sc3+ Sg5+ 2.VAe2+ Sde4#

Chinese pieces (and lions) are extremely suitable for cross-checks. You just have to put one white and one black unit on the chinese line aiming at wK and then subsequently remove them. Or vice versa - move there the black unit first and then white one.

... but then you still have to find some good scheme like the one in the present problem.

h#2 (6+10)
1+1 pao, 0+1 leo, 1+3 vao
b) b8 -» e1

Janez Nastran
8th HM Kotesovec 40 C 29.7.1996

1.Ne1+ PAf5+ 2.Nfc2+ VAb6#

1.Nh7+ VAf6+ 2.Nd6+ PAd3#

Another similar scheme, similar, but very different. Is it possible to find some other schemes?

h#2 (7+7)
pao d5, vao d8, rook lion a6 - h8
bishop lion b1 - h1, nightrider b7 - f8

Waldemar Tura
1st HM Umenie 64 1997

a) 1.Rxd3(w) Bxh6(b) 2.Bxd2(w)+ Bh6#

b) 1.Bxb3(w) Rxc7(b) 2.Rxc2(w)+ Rc7#

Black piece from d5 becomes rear piece of white batteries thanks to Andernach chess. Other, originally white, piece oscillates on its line, as firing piece of both black and white batteries.

h#2 (7+8)
Andernach chess
b) bBd5

Christian Poisson
2nd M. Grudzinska MT 2000

1.Bxa4(Bf1) Bg2 2.Rb8+ Rxa4(Bc8)#

1.Rxe4(Rh1) Ra1 2.Qb8+ Bxc6(Bc8)#

Well known formation of batteries in Circe. Black checks on the 8th rank are parried by captures of bB.

h#2 (3+4)

Lev Grolman
Prize Shakhmatna Kompozicia 2001

1.Rg2 PAf1 2.Nc6+ VAf2#

1.Ba5 VAa3 2.Na2+ PAb4#

Extremely good scheme. B1 opens white line for anticritical move in W1, then black checks by nightrider opening battery line and White finishes everything by antibatery check simultaneously parrying the check to own king.

h#2 (5+11)
2+1 pao, 1+1 vao, 0+1 leo, 0+2 nightrider

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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