Fairy series helpmates with more phases 1

This is the 1st special example file for 18th TT CCM. For a start we have here varying selection of 5 thematical examples.
Andres E. Cunado
Comm Feenschach 1962

a) 1.Ke4 2.Kd5 3.Kc6 4.Kb7 5.Ka8 6.Bb7 7.Qb8 Sb6#

b) 1.Qe1 2.Ke2 3.Kd1 4.Kc1 5.Kb1 6.Ka1 7.Qb1+ Sb2#

In a) position we see indirect antibattery and in b) direct antibattery. Pity that in b) white knight plays only passive role in the mate and black bishop plays none...

ser-h#7 (3+4)
grasshopper d4
b) b4 -» b3

Per Grevlund
2nd Prize feenschach 1973

1.Rf6 2.g5 3.Kg6 4.Kxh6(Bnc1) 5.Bh5 6.Sg6 Bnxg5(g7)#

1.Rg5 2.Kg6 3.Kxh6(Bnc1) 4.Bh5 5.g6 6.Bne3+ Kxe3(Bnf8)#

This original seriesmover have found itself in the FIDE Album For the period 1971-73. Black puts his king in sarcophag and then allows two different Circe mates by neutral bishop. One with Circe selfprotection and oneby just reborn bishop.

ser-h#6 (1+7+1)

Petko A. Petkov
1st Prize feenschach 1985

1.Bc4 2.Bxd5 3.Bb7 4.Nb6 Nc6#

1.Nf2 2.Nxb4 3.Nd8 4.Rb7 Rc6#

1.Rf4 2.Rxf6 3.Rb6 4.Bd8 Bc6#

Very well known scheme of mutual closing of white lines R-B-N. Black captures one of these and then blocks in cyclical manner b6, b7 and d8, using his B, N and R, but cycling in the other direction.

ser-h#4 (6+13)
1+1 grasshopper, 1+2 nightrider

Frank Müller
3rd Prize Phénix 1998

a) 1.KAd7 2.Kd5 3.KAd3 4.Ke4 5.KAc4 7.Ke2 8.KAf1 11.Kd5 12.KAd6 15.Kd2 16.KAd1 17.Kc1 18.KAb1 Be3#

b) 1.Kf5 2.KAe6 3.KAd7 5.Kd5 6.KAa2 7.Ke6 8.KAf7 10.Kg7 11.KAh7 13.Ke6 14.KAa2 15.Kf7 16.KAg8 18.Kh8 Be5#

Two model mates with now standard couple of blocks by kangaroos.

ser-h#18 (2+3)
0+2 kangaroo
b) d4 -» f4

Chris J. Feather
Comm Uralskij Problemist 2002


1.Gxg6 2.Ge6 3.Gd5 7.Kd7 8.Gc8 9.Ke8 10.Gf8 11.Kd7 12.Gd8 13.Ke8 Bc6#

So here we have the similar material, just kangaroos are replaced by grasshoppers. It is hard to compare these two problems. Set play in series helpmate is something special, but long and exact play of kangaroos in the previous composition has its merits too.

ser-h#13* (3+3)
0+2 grasshopper

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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