153rd TT Probleemblad for equihopper/nonstop equihopper problems.

I found very interesting article in July/August 1998 issue of Probleemblad. Bas de Haas is its author and it deals with equihopper/nonstop equihopper compositions. Up to now I was not very attracted by these fairy pieces but this article showed me they are much better than they seemed to me. Here I present a few problems from mentioned text.

The Dutch Chess Problem Society also announces 153rd thematical tourney for problems of any kind with Equihoppers and/or nonstop Equihoppers. Fairy conditions are allowed, but no other fairy pieces beside Equihoppers. Judge: Bas de Haas. Entries by 31.3.1999 to Dirk Borst, c/o C. Visser, Vreeland7E, 3812 Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
René J. Millour
Feenschach 1967

1...c4, f3 2.NEa3#, NEg1#

1.NEe1? zz
1...c4, f3 2.NEa5#, NEg3#

1.NEc7! zz
1...c4, f3 2.NEc1#, NEd5#

Zagorujko 3x2 in simple position (and rather simple motivation).

#2 (7+4)
2+0 nonstop Equihoppers

Roméo Bédoni
feenschach 1976

1.a1E! Kg8 2.Ec3 2.bxc3 3.d1E! c4 4.Eb7 c5 5.e1E! c6 6.Ee7 cxb7 7.e3! b8E!#

4 equihopper promotions, something extra is 7th black move that immobilizes bEe7.

h#7 (2+9)
0+1 Equihopper

Bas de Haas
diagrammes 1997

1.Eg4? th. 2.Sd3#, 1...c4!
1.d3? th. 2.Sg4#, 1...Sf6!
1.Be7! th. 2.Rd5#,
1...c4, Sf6 2.Sg4# (Sd3?), Sd3# (Sg4?)

The refutations of tries allow try threats with in reciprocal manner, many call this Hannelius theme. But my friend Ludo Lehen would argue that this is only "pseudo" Hannelius, because key doesn't change anything (it only creates threat) and both thematical variations are prepared already in set play. Real Hannelius according to him must include unprepared variations.

#2 (8+6)
2+0 Equihoppers

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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