Dieter Müller 60 JT C 14.10.2006

To celebrate birthday of the composer, a jubilee tourney is announced.

Theme: h#2 and/or h#3 problems on the 8x8 board, without fairy pieces or conditions. The phases of the problem must be formed by displacement of the whole position at least 2 squares horizontally or vertically. In the process no piece may be moved over the edge of the board.

Judge: Dieter Müller

Entries should be sent before October 14th 2006 (DM's birthday date) to the adress

Mirko Degenkolbe
Postfach 11 12
D-08393 Meerane

or by e-mail to

2 examples follow.
György Bakcsi
Prize Skakbladet 1983

a) 1.Kb5! Bxc4+ 2.Ka4 Bb3#

b) 1.Kg5! Qxf4+ 2.Kh4 Qh2#

The edge of the board is used in both positions as a substitute for three blocks. From the strategic point of view there are annihilations of black pawn openinf line of guard and from the formal point of view there are switchbacks in both solutions. Well done. Can you do better for the present tourney?

h#2 (3+6)
b) everything 3 columns to the right

Herman Menkis
HM Ideal Mate Review 1996

a) 1.Kxg2! Kxf4 2.Kh1 Kg3 3.Sg1 Sf2#

b) 1.Kxg7! g6 2.Kh8 Kxf7 3.Sh7 g7#

Again the edge of the board is used in both solutions. Moreover there are ideal mates and even Zilahi.

h#3 (3+3)
b) everything 3 rows up

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