Long fairy helpmates 8

This file includes new interesting examples for our 2nd TT.
Viktor Zheglov
2nd Comm Phénix Tanagras 1996

1.Kd5 Kb6 2.Kc4 Kc6 3.Kb4 Gc5 4.Ka5 Kb5#

1.Kd6 Ge5 2.Ke7 Kc7 3.Kd8 Kd6 4.Ke8 Ke7#

1.Kd7 Kc8 2.Kc6 Kb8 3.Kb6 Kc8 4.Ka7 Kb7#

1.Ke7 Gf7 2.Ke6 Gd5 3.Ke7 Kc6 4.Kd8 Kd7#

4-fold echo of ideal grid checkmate.

h#4 (2+1)
Grid Chess
1+0 grasshopper

Hans Moser
4th Prize feenschach 1985 - Madrasi

1.Bc1 Rb1 2.Rxf2 Rb3 3.Ra2 Rf3 4.Ra1 Rf1#

Exchange of places of both rooks.

h#4 (5+7)

Christian Poisson
2nd Prize 58. TT Thema Danicum 1997

1.Kc4 Bc7 2.Kb5 Gd8 3.Ka6 Kc8 4.Ka7 Bb8+ 5.Ka8 Kc7#

Succesive assymetries - in initial position and before mating move.

Unfortunately anticipated by Edgar Holladay, B.C.M. 1975. Reported by Christian Poisson.

h#5 (3+1)
1+0 grasshopper

Michel Caillaud
1st Prize 152. TT Probleemblad 1996

1...Kd2 2.g1B Ke3 3.Bh2 Kf3 4.Be5 Kg2 5.Kf4 Kh2 6.f1Q e3#

1...e3 2.f1B Ke1 3.Bc4 Kf2 4.Be6 Kg3 5.g1Q+ Kh3 6.Qf2 e4#

Exact echo of specifical Exclusive-chess mate, changes of promotions.

h#5,5 (2+3)
Exclusive chess

Václav Kotesovec
3rd HM Phénix Divers 1994

1.Na7 Gc4 2.Kc6 Kd4 3.Nec8 Ke5 4.Rb5+ Ke6 5.Kb7 Kd7 6.Ka8 Kc7 7.Ngc6 Ga6#

1.Nef6 Gf5 2.N4h6 Gc5 3.Ke6 Ke3 4.Kf7 Kf4 5.Kg7 Kg5 6.Kh8 Kg6 7.Re7 Gf8#

Nice corner echo.

h#7 (2+5)
1+0 grasshopper, 0+3 nightrider

Jozsef Pogáts
5636v feenschach 92, 1989

1.Kh5 Kg1 2.Kg6 ... 8.Ke1 Kh1 9.Kxf1 a5 10.Kxe2 Kg1 11.Kd3 Kf1 12.Ke4 Ke2 13.Kf5 Kd3 14.Kg6 Ke4 15.e2 Kxe5 16.e1S Kf4 17.Sf3 Kxg4 18.Sh4 Kxg3 19.Kh5 Kf4 20.g6 g4#

Long round trip of black king.

h#20 (6+9)
No promotions by white

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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