Long fairy helpmates 6

A few more interesting works from late 70's. This file is connected to previous file containing Circe problems, as I selected these helpmates together, only later I decided to put them into 2 files (due to file size factor).
F. M. Mihalek
3rd HM Probleemblad 1977

1.Kd5 Kf2 2.Gg3 Ke3 3.Gd3 Ba4 4.Gd6 Bb3#

1.Kd4 Bf7 2.Kc3 Ke3 3.Gb4 Ga3 4.Kc4 Gb3#

Asymmetry in its pure form (use of a-file is the key) and echoed ideal mates.

h#4 (4+2)
2+1 grasshopper

Hilmar Ebert
Die Schwalbe 1979
1st Prize "Wenigsteiner des Jahres" 1979

1.h1rR! Kd3 2.rRh7!! Ke4 3.rEh6 Kf5 4.rEf8 Kf6 5.Rh8 Kg7#

Horizontal symmetry in the initial position is transformed into diagonal symmetry in the finale. Note tempo move by black royal rook.

h#5 (1+3)
Rex Multiplex
0+2 royal equihopper, royal pawn h2

Konstantin Stojchev
3rd Comm Sachmatna Misl 1979


1.Sf5 Sc5 2.Sd6 Sb7 3.Sxb7 cxb7 4.g1S b8S 5.Sf3 Sd7 6.Sh4 Sf6#

Double phenix in double maximummer. Successful tempo "fight".

h#6 (4+7)
Double maximummer

Klaus Wenda
Die Schwalbe 1978

1.Sf8? Sd7 2.Rd8??
1.Sd8 Sd7 2.Se6 Sf6+ 3.Kf8 Sd7+ 4.Ke8 Sb8 5.Sf8! Sd7 6.Rd8 Sf6#

Getting rid of castling right may be very interesting. Double switchback by white knight and simple switchbacks by black knight and king.

h#6 (2+14)

Bernd Schwarzkopf
Feenschach Dec 1978

1.Ka1! Kc4 2.Ka2 b4 3.Ka3 b5 4.Ka4 d6 5.Ka5 b7 6.Kb6 Kd5 7.Kc7 Ke6 8.Kd8 b8Q#

It is easily seen that pawn cannot mate. Thus mate is by promotion. But then it is far not obvious how black king can go to mating square, especially how to avoid collisions with white king. Good first move.

h#8 (2+1)
Mate by pawn move

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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