Long fairy helpmates 2

Second bunch of longer helpmates with fairy elements include mainly maximummers (5 of 6) - it turns out that this condition is very suitable for motivating longer manoeuvres and, of course, the soundness of final position. Also duel chess (beeing mainly condition cruelly reducing number of possible moves too) is well suited for similar mechanisms. The idea then often lies in allowing some necessary moves!
Rudolf Forsberg
3rd HM Prize springaren Summer Tourney 1996

1.Se2 Bxg5 2.Qf3+ Bf4+ 3.Ka7 Rxe6 4.Rc6 Bc8 5.Rc4 Ra6#

1.g4 Bh4 2.Qf1+ Bf2 3.d3 Rxc4 4.Rc6 Ba6 5.Re6 Rc8#

Echo mates.

h#5 (4+8)
White maximummer

Andreas Thoma
Die Schwalbe 1989

1.S4e6 Se7 2.Sf8 Sg8 3.Sf7+ Ke7 4.Sg5 g4+ 5.Kg6 gxf8S#

Critical (?) move by knight that leads to shorter moves by pawns.

h#5 (6+3)
Double maximummer

Norbert Geissler
Comm Köko Sonderturnier 1992

1.a5 Kc7 2.Kb8+ Kc6 3.Ka7 Kc5 4.Ka6 b7 5.Ka7 b8Q 6.Ka6 Qd6#

1.a5 Kc7 2.Ka7 b7 3.Ka8 b8S 4.Ka7 Sd7 5.Kb7+ Kb8 6.Ka8 Sb6#

Vielväter. I really love combination Köko + Maximummer...

h#6 (2+2)

Göran Forslund
1st HM Prize springaren Summer Tourney 1996

a) 1.Qxa1(w) Qh8 2.Rxh8(w) Ra8 3.Bxa8(w) Bh1 4.Sxh1(w) Sf2 5.exf2(w) f4 6.dxe2(w) d4 7.cxd3 e.p.(w) e4#

b) 1.Rxa1Q(w) Qh8S 2.Qxh8S(w) Sg6B+ 3.Ke5 Bxe4R(b) 4.Sd1B dxc7(b) 5.Bxb3R(w) Rb8Q 6.d5 Qb1S 7.Kd4 Sc3B#

Rather messy position with full use of all fairy conditions.

h#7 (7+12)
Double maximummer
Andernach chess
b) also Chameleon chess

Kjell Widlert
Comm Die Schwalbe 1989

1.Bc2 Sb4+ 2.Ke2 Sd3 3.Kf1 Sf4 4.Sf3 Sg2 5.Sd2 Se3+ 6.Ke2 Sg4 7.Kd3 Sf4#

How to move both blocking black pieces to right squares? Black king must do interesting switchback...

h#7 (3+3)
Duel chess

Unto Heinonen
2nd Prize springaren Summer Tourney 1996

1.Kb2 Kd4 2.Ka3 Kc3 3.e2 Kd2 4.Kb4 Kc1 5.Kc3 c8S 6.Kb4 Sb6 7.Ka3 Sd5 8.Kb3 Se3 9.Ka2 Sf1 10.exf1S e8Q 11.Se3 Qa4#

Very fine position with nice maximummer motivation for underpromotions and play in all.

h#11 (3+2)
Double maximummer

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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