CYCLONE News 2001

After two years it is possible to say CYCLONE has been very successful.
Thanks for many-many reactions and reviews, some of them been really extraordinary. (Maybe I will put them on web later...)
Also you can already see 16 of 17 blank diagrams from the 6th WCCT.
The other quite pleasant information is, that there are not many problems missing in the book. (I supposed the book covers 97 to 99 per cent of all such problems... This looks very realistic also today, after 2 years.) Of course, I did not find everything, so you may see here also selected 3 interesting missing problems. If you know about others, give me an e-mail, please (
Also, some records have been beaten, maybe they will be shown next time.
The 13th Spisska Borovicka tourney announced for the Wageningen Congress has belonged to one of the most successful ever. And what about new problems?
Well, I donŽt know yet... maybe IŽll put them on web one day... Anyhow, there are quite a lot of them (surely more than 100, and most of them of high quality)!

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