12 top CYCLONE problems

On this page you can choose your favourite problem of each cycle.
In February, 2003, first such vote took part.
You can see the current leaders.
And, because more people said it was quite interesting, I have decided to leave this possibility also later on (without any deadline). If some of the leader will be changed, it will be shown on these pages.
You can vote on your favourite problem below, just put the number of your favourite problem at any of the 12 CYCLONE themes shown in the book.
You can write only one problem in the cell (or leave the cell empty).

The results of the vote will be published.

ThemeCyclone numbersMy Favourite Problem
1 Lacny cycle1-626
2 Shedey cycle627-854
3 Kiss cycle855-1029
4 Djurasevic cycle1030-1209
5 Rice cycle1210-1321
6 Ukrainian cycle1322-1509
7 Ceriani cycle1510-1547
8 Reeves cycle1548-1577
9 complete Lacny cycle1578-1619
10 complete Shedey cycle1620-1653
11 complete Kiss cycle1654-1661
12 complete Djurasevic cycle1662-1673
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