Csak - Majoros tourney for s# and h#.

Janos Csak and Bela Majoros are jointly organizing a chess problem composing tournament. Original are invited in the following categories.

Selfmates in 5 - 10 moves.
Any theme. Book prizes.
Special prizes for a special category: selfmates with two solutions, where the sequence of the White moves in the second solution is the opposite of that in the first solution. Theme set by Janos Csak. Example 1 below.

Helpmates in 2 moves.
Any theme. Book prizes.
Special prizes for a special category: helpmates in 2 moves, where the twin diagram is obtained by changing the colour of all the chessmen. Theme set by Bela Majoros. Example 2 below.

In both special categories, additional special prizes will be awarded for the submission of the largest number of previously published problems (any author) and the oldest problem on the given theme.

Diagrams with full solutions and the name and adress of the author should be sent to the following adress: Bela Majoros, BAKONYOSZLOP, Kossuth u. 8., H-8418, Hungary.
Deadline: 30.6.1999
Judge (in both sections): Janos Csak.

Comment by Juraj Lörinc: I have never seen any other selfmate with theme set as a special in s# section as 1. What do think Microweb readers? Have they?
János Csák
Mat-Pat 1990

a) 1.Qb4+ Kc4 2.Rc7+ Kd5 3.Bxe4+ Ke6 4.Sf8+ Kxf6 5.g5+ Bxg5#

b) 1.g5+ Ke6 2.Sf8+ Kd5 3.Bxe4+ Kc5 4.Rc7+ Kxb6 5.Qb4+ axb4#

s#5 (12+13)
b) b6 «-» f6

Bela Majoros
Füles 1980

a) 1.Qd4 Bb3 2.b1B Bxd4#

b) 1.Bd8 b3 2.Bb6 Qa4#

h#2 (3+3)
b) Change colour of all units

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