Chess composition links

Homepage of Václav Kotesovec
an outstanding Czech chess composer and programmer of VKSACH. He keeps also the huge page of links to various sites dealing with chess composition.
Slovak columns online
is the new project of Ivan Jarolin, it started with columns of Pravda from 60's and 70's. The columns were in these days the leading places for development of chess composition in Slovakia.
Mat Plus
excellent site founded by late Milan VelimiroviŠ, with the most live discussion boards.
official page of WFCC
Julia's Fairies
site of Julia Vysotska dedicated mostly to fairy chess, with wealth of originals and discussions
site of Diyan Kostadinov, publishing problems of all genres, with slight emphasis on Bulgarian chess composition
The Ural Problemist
already established and frequently updated site for chess composition mostly in Russian.
PDB database
is very wide source of retro problems and helpmates. And more... Excellent source!
Brian Stephenson
unusual homepage of known English composer.
a site devoted to the chess problem art in Australia.
Chess variants
a huge site devoted to all kinds of chess variants including a bit of fairy chess problems.

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