Award of 33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

(preliminary award by Michal Dragoun)

Shortly after closing date of this thematic tourney I received from Juraj Lörinc 58 anonymized entries. Taking into account number of problems, this competition can be surely considered as successful one.

Unfortunately, quality of entries was not very high. In choosing theme, I did not want to set up meaning that "all is allowed". Even with use of promoted force principles of economy cannot be forgotten, as well as appropriate relationship between material and content. Use of promoted pieces for better economy only is not my cup of tea - I prefer queen and bishop instead of two same-coloured bishops (if it is possible, of course).

I expected (at least some) problems with really thematic use of promoted force. I was prepared to accept technical use of promoted pieces for complex ideas, where they are really necessary for soundness. But only small part of submitted problems satisfied my view (and no one my dreams).

Before awarded problems some notes to less successful ones: (special page)

My award is as follows:

... (see awarded problems and comments to them below)

Finally, I thank Juraj for inviting me to judge this tourney and congratulate to all authors of awarded problems.

Michal Dragoun
November 2013

Alberto Armeni
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

1.Kxd6 Sce6 2.Bd5 Sf7#

1.Kxe5 Sf7+ 2.Kf6 Sxd7#

1.Kxc5 Sxd7+ 2.Kb4 Sc6#

1.Kxd4 Sxg6 2.Ke3 Sf5#

Fourfold cyclic Zilahi, in two solutions captures White guarding black pawns. I don´t like very much repetition of two white moves, but for me the best entry anyway.

h#2 (5+11)

Dmitry Turevsky
1st HM
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

1...Bf4 2.e5 Bxc1 3.Kf6 Bcb2 4.Kg5 Ke2 5.e4 Bf6+ 6.Kf4 Bbe5#

Roundtrip + Rehmer of wB. Manouevre of black King and pawn is without any doubt better compared to inspiration PDB P0501306 as well as capture of bS allowing white King´s move instead of crude capture of black Queen. However, existence of this predecessor hindered me to award this problem by Prize.

h#5,5 (3+6)

Viktoras Paliulionis
2nd HM
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

1.Kd2 Sf6 2.Ke3 Se8 3.Kf4 Sg7 4.Kg5 Kh7 5.Qh5+ Kg8 6.Kh6 Kh8 7.Qgg5 Se8 8.Be4 Sf6 9.Bg6 Sg8#

Triangle manoeuvre by white King, which must be shielded by the Knight. After fulfilling this task white Knight returns partly on the same route.

h#9 (2+4)

Daniel Novomesky
3rd HM
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

1.Be5 Bb1 2.Qg8 Kd2 3.Qf6 Kd3 4.Kh7 Ke4 5.Qfh8 Kf5 6.Bg7 Kg5#

1.Qh1+ Kb2 2.Be5+ Kb3 3.Kg8 Kc4 4.Qh8 Kd5 5.Qfh7 Ke6 6.Bg7 Ke7#

Battery mates are good refreshment of common echo mates. Plus point is that h8 is blocked by both black Queens. Repetition of Bg7 seems unavoidable in this pattern.

h#6 (2+4)

Harald Grubert
1st Commendation
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

1...Rd6+ 2.Kxe7 Bc5 3.Kxf8 Rd8#

1...Bd6 2.Kxd5 Rd8 3.Kxd4 Bc5#

Double Zilahi - two white officers create in one solution battery firing in doublecheck, in second solution they are captured. The play is simple.

h#2,5 (5+12)

Christer Jonsson
2nd Commendation
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

1.Rf7 Sc3 2.Ka3 Sc4#

1.Rbd7 Sa3 2.Kc3 Sa4#

1.Rg7 Sc4 2.Ka4 Sc3#

1.Re7 Sa4 2.Kc4 Sa3#

Full analogy of single solutions (with 2x2 reciprocal exchange of white moves) should be task, but partly mechanical impression remains. To my surprise, I did not find this pattern in some relevant problem in PDB.

h#2 (5+7)

Menachem Witztum
3rd Commendation
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

1.R3xd5 Rxg7 2.Re5 Se3#

1.R7xd5 Sxf6 2.Re5 Qe4#

1.Qxd5 Qxb4 2.Qe5 Rxf6#

Three times capture on d5 and Pelle move with interferences of another black pieces and... technical use of the third black Knight. Distinction because of cyclic play of white pieces. I spent some time in tries to find position without promoted force. Without the success, however I cannot say that it is absolutely inpossible.

h#2 (9+15)

Daniel Novomesky
4th Commendation
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

1.Bg1 Kd6 2.Ke4 Kc5 3.Be5 Kb4 4.Kd4 f3 5.Be3 c3#

1.Bd6+ Kd7 2.Be6+ Kc6 3.Be4+ Kb5 4.Kd5 f4 5.Bd4 c4#

From two similar problems (14 and 25) I consider this one as slightly better - no repetition of moves, switchback of bK and ambush move Bg1 overweighed two static black Bishops in first solution.

h#5 (3+5)

Daniel Novomesky
5th Commendation
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

1.Kg5 Kh2 2.Re4 Kg3 3.Rge6 Kh3 4.Kf4 Kh4 5.R6e5 g3#

1.Re6 d3 2.Rgg6 Kh4 3.Rfe5 e3+ 4.Kf5 Kh5 5.Rgf6 g4#

Chameleon echo with switchback of black and roundtrip of white King in the first solution. Black rooks have appropriate use here, however I noticed move Rge6, which appears in both solutions.

h#5 (4+4)

Christer Jonsson
6th Commendation
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

1...Sh6 2.Kd2 Sxg8 3.Ke3 Sf6 4.Kf4 Sxe8 5.Kg5 Sd6 6.Kh6 Sf7#

1...Sd6 2.Kc3 Sxe8 3.Kd4 Sf6 4.Ke5 Sxg8 5.Kd6 Sh6 6.Rhd5 Sf7#

Capture of two black bishops guarding f7 and switchback of wS, but black play is not very exciting.

h#5,5 (2+11)

Viktoras Paliulionis
7th Commendation
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

1...Sb6 2.Re4 Kd2 3.Kd4 Sc6#

1...Sc5 2.Kd5 Sb7 3.Re5 Sc7#

1...Sb8 2.Kd6 Kd4 3.Re6 Sc8#

Simple threefold exact echo.

h#2,5 (4+2)

Daniel Novomesky
8th Commendation
33rd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2013

a) 1.Qd4 Sb5 2.Kc4 Kc2 3.Qgd5 Sa3#

b) 1.Qgd5 Sf5+ 2.Ke4 Ke2 3.Qcd4 Sg3#

c) 1.Qg1 Se1 2.Kf2 Kd2 3.Qcf1 Se4#

d) 1.Ke5 Ke1 2.Qcg4 Kf2 3.Kf4 Sd3#

e) 1.Qe5 Sf5 2.Ke4 Kg4 3.Qcd5 Sf2#

f) 1.Qd4 Sb4+ 2.Kc5 Kc7 3.Qgd5 Sa6#

g) 1.Qc5+ Sb5 2.Kc4 Ka4 3.Qgd5 Sb2#

Sevenfold echo, but repetition of black moves detracts strongly the overall impression. With orthodox force I found as record PDB P0582600, where this mate occurs five times (but where is another repeated mating picture too).

h#3 (3+3)
b) d5 -» d4
c) d5 -» f1
d) d3 -» b4
e) d1 -» h3
f) d1 -» d7
g) d1 -» a5

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