Award of 18th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005

Hello everybody,

I would like to thank all the participants and organizer for having confidence in me to judge the 18th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005.

I received 55 entries from the organizer in the anonymous form.

From that 13 entries were with one solution and one setplay, 23 entries used a twin (15 entries used 2-phased twin; 3 entries 3-phased; 5 entries 4-phased) and 19 entries had more solutions (15 entries with 2 solutions; 1 entry with 3 solutions; 1 entry with 4 solutions; 1 with combination with a twin (2x 2.1.1Ö) and 1 with 3 solutions with 6 variants ( What a surprise for me! Heterogeneousness and exceptionally difficult to judge!

One fairy condition was used in 27 entries, two fairy conditions were used in 8 entries, three fairy conditions in 1 entry, four fairy conditions in 2 entries and 18 entries were without a fairy condition.

The most frequently used fairy condition was Circe Parrain (11 entries), then AntiCirce (5 entries), Circe (5 entries), AntiAndernach (4 entries) and Pongracz Circe (4 entries).

The most frequently used fairy piece was traditionally Grasshopper (used 29 times), then neutral Pawn (16 times), Lion (9 times), Nightriderhopper (5 times), Nightrider (4 times) and Equihopper (4 times).

Most frequent stipulations were ser-h#4 and ser-h#7 (used 7 times), then ser-h#3, ser-h#5 and ser-h#6 (used 6 times). Entry with the shortest stipulation was ser-h#2 (used 3 times) and with the longest was ser-h#91 (used once).

Quality of compositions was very good, some entries were outstanding. They gave me deep aesthetic impression. Although any kind of fairy pieces was allowed, their use was not always beneficial. Some entries used a counterproductive combination of fairy elements, occasionally in combination of various stipulations in one entry. It was not possible for me to award these entries including those, which haven't met criteria of the tourney - to use at least one fairy piece or/and fairy condition and having at least two phases. From 55 entries were 42 problems left to be judged.

In forming my verdict I attached great importance to originality, clarity, beauty, strategy and logic of setting, I was also guided by my own personal taste, of course.

I congratulate to the authors of the awarded entries. To the all participants I wish compositional successes in the future and Godís blessing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006

Daniel Novomesky, Bratislava, November 23th, 2005

Raffi Ruppin
1st Prize 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 9

1.Kd8 2.Kc7 3.Kb6 4.Kc5 5.Kd4 6.Kd3 7.Kxd2(Ke8) 8.Kd8 9.Kc7 10.Kb6 11.Kc5 12.Kd4 13.Kd3 14.Kd2 15.Kxd1(Ke8) a8Q#

1.Kf8 2.Kg7 3.Kg6 4.Kh5 5.Kh4 6.Kh3 7.Kxg2(Ke8) 8.Kf8 9.Kg7 10.Kg6 11.Kh5 12.Kh4 13.Kh3 14.Kg2 15.Kxh1(Ke8) a8R#

Lonely black King. Where is its family? Four times march of black King from rebirth square, four times capture of white units and cleaning of rebirth squares so that white promoted Queen and Rook could mate. There is no check on square h5 and h3. Construction is perfect. The best composition in this tournament. Great! Majestic! Excellent! Very aesthetic and spiritous experience.

ser-h#15 (12+1)

René J. Millour
2nd Prize 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 44

      fxe8Q(Qd1)+? Kxd4(Ke8)!
      fxe8R(Rh1)+? Kd3!
      fxe8B(Bf1)+? Kd5!
      fxe8S(Sb1)+? Kb5!

1.b1Q 2.Qe4 3.Qxe7(Qd8) fxe8Q(Qd1)#
1.b1R 2.Rd1 3.Rd3 fxe8R(Rh1)#
1.b1B 2.Be4 3.Bd5 fxe8B(Bf1)#
1.b1S 2.Sa3 3.Sb5 fxe8S(Sb1)#

Theme Babson. The four black and white promotions in echo. And in addition white battery mates. Beauty, logic and magic construction, do you think so? Once again AntiCirce. Fashionable condition deserving its popularity. (See 8th WCCT Section G: Fairies).

ser-h#3 (8+5)

Juraj Lörinc
3rd Prize 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 45

1.exd4 2.d3 3.d2 4.d1B 5.Bg4 6.Be6 7.Bd5 8.NHb4 9.Bc6 10.NHd8 11.Bd7 Bd6#

1.exf4 2.f3 3.f2 4.f1R 5.Rf5 6.Rd5 7.NHb4 8.NHf6 9.Rd7 10.NHb8 11.Rc7 Rd6#

Theme Zilahi. The mating rook (Rd6#) and bishop (Bd6#) of one phase are captured in the other phase (exd4, resp. exf4). In addition eye-appealing antibattery model mates with self-blocking. Impressive play of black nightrider-hopper. Promotion and self blocking. Beautiful geometry. Total analogy in 2 solutions. Fantastic!

ser-h#11 (8+5)
2+1 nightrider-hopper

Jaroslav Stun
4th Prize 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 22

a) 1.Kd3 2.Kc2 3.e1CH(Q) 4.CHe3(S) 5.Gxd2 6.Kd1(e1) 7.CHc2(B) e2#

b) 1.exf1CH(S) 2.Kc5(CH(Q)e2) 3.CHxd2(B) 4.Kd4(e1) 5.CHc1(R) 6.Gxe1 7.CHc8(Q)(CH(R)e8) CHe5(Q)#

c) 1.e1CH(B) 2.CHxd2(R) 3.Ka7(c1) 4.Gxc1 5.CHd8(Q)(c7) 6.CHd2(S) 7.CHxf1(B) c8CH(Q)(CH(Q)f2)#

d) 1.Kc5 2.Gd4 3.exf1CH(R) 4.Gb6(CH(Q)d3) 5.Gd4 6.Gxd2 7.CHf7(Q)(CH(R)d8) CHd6(Q)#

Very dynamic and wild play in four phases. Synergy of Circe Parrain and Chameleon Chess. Record number of fairy motives in this tournament. In almost every move there are some fairy elements. "Allumwandlung". The four promotions to Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight. Superb problem! Especially difficult to solve. Here you are. You can start.

ser-h#7 (2+3)
Circe Parrain, Chameleon chess
grasshopper g5
b) g5 -» e5
c) d4 -» b8
d) g5 -» b6

Sven Trommler
5th Prize 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 53

a) 1.Rg8 2.Sc1 3.Kb4 4.Ka3 5.Sb3 6.Rc8 Sxc4(Sb1)#

b) 1.Rc8 2.Bb1 3.Ka4 4.Ka3 5.Ba2 6.Rb8 Bxf6(Bc1)#

Clever first moves of black Rook (1.Rh8-g8 and 1.Rh8-c8). Twice switchback of Bishop a2-b1-a2 and Knight b3-c1-b3. Quiet and impressive fairy play with model mates in both solutions. Does white King stand in check? No, itís only small orthodox fata morgana. Magnificent!

ser-h#6 (3+8)
b) a4 -» b4

Michel Caillaud
1st HM 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 46

1.h1B 2.Bf3! (Bxe4(e2)?) 3.Bd1 4.Bxb3(b2)! 5.Bxa4(a2)! 6.Bxc6(c2) exd8B(Sb8)# (7.Kxd8(Bc1)??)

1.h1S 2.Sg3! (Sxf2?) 3.Sxe4(e2)! 4.Sf6 5.Sd7 6.Sb8 e8S# (7.Kxc6(c2)??)

Legality of mate position in Circe. Four Promotion to light pieces (Bishop and Knight). Once solo for Bishop and once for Knight. Total analogy in both solutions. Very good idea.

ser-h#6 (10+5)
Circe Alsacien

Michel Caillaud
2nd HM 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 32

1.e1nB 2.h1nR 3.nRh5 4.nBf2 5.nRc5+ nBxc5(nRh8)#

1.e1nS 2.h1nQ 3.nQh7 4.nSf3 5.nSg5 nSxh7(nQd8)#

Good exploitation of two neutral pawns. Twice line closing. Double check. Allumwandlung.

ser-h#5 (2+4+2)
Circe, 2 neutral pawns

Juraj Lörinc
3rd HM 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 54

a) 1.VAb7 2.PAxb6 3.PAb1 Qa3#

b) 1.PAc7 2.VAxb6 3.PAa7 Qxc4#

c) 1.PAb7 2.VAxc6 3.Vb5 Qd6#

d) 1.VAc7 2.PAxc6 3.PAh6 Qf5#

Pleasant play of Chinese family on squares c6 and b6. Selfblocks with model mates.

ser-h#3 (4+9)
0+2 pao, 0+3 vao
b) a1 -» a6
c) a1 -» c5
d) a1 -» h5

Juraj Lörinc
4th HM 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 27


1.exf5 2.Kxe4(Sg4) 3.fxg4(Sf3) 4.Kxf3(Sh3) 5.gxh3(Sg2) 6.Kf2(Sh2) 7.hxg2 8.Kg1(Sh1) 9.Kxh1 Sf3(Sf2)#

1.Kxe4 2.exf5(Sf3) 3.Ke3(Sf4) 4.exf4 5.Kf2(Sg3) 6.fxg3 7.Kg2(Sh3) 8.Kh1 9.g2 Sf2#

The only entry with two set mates in this tournament, but unfortunately they do not use fairy elements, only orthodox mates. Set play hasn't met criteria of the tourney. Also set play isnít regarded for award. I am very sorry! Other contents of the entry is very dynamic and wild and has met criteria of the tourney. With fairy set play it would be probably laureate.

ser-h#9* (3+3)
Circe Parrain

Jan Golha
5th HM 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 40

a) 1.Sf2 2.Kxg5 3.Sg4(Gh7) 4.Kh5 5.g5 6.Sg6 Gf5#

b) 1.Kxh5 2.g6(Gh4) 3.Kh6 4.Sxg5 5.Sfe6(Gf7) 6.Sg7 Gf6#

c) 1.Kxg5 2.Sg6(Gh7) 3.Kh6 4.Kxh7 5.S6e7(Gf8) 6.Sg6 Gf7#

Triple chameleon echo with model mates and nice puzzle.

ser-h#6 (3+5) C+ (3+5)
Circe Parrain
2+0 grasshopper
b) f6 -» h5
c) = b) + e4 -» g8

Juraj Lörinc
6th HM 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 15


1.Gxg8(Sb1) 2.Ke8 3.Gd8 4.Gf8 5.Kd7 6.Kd6 7.Kc5 8.Kb4 9.Gxa3(LIa8) 10.Kc5 11.Gd6 12.Gb4 13.Kc4 14.Kb3 15.Gb2 16.Ka2 17.Ka1 Sa3#

The best entry from group with one solution and one setplay. March of black King. Nice play with strong exploitation of fairy condition (1.Gxg8 (Sb1) and 9.Gxa3 (LIa8)). Of course in both phases with antibattery model mates.

ser-h#17* (4+2)
lion a3, grasshopper e8

Ivan Skoba
7th HM 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 8

a) 1.Kb5 2.Kc6 3.Kd6 4.Ke7 5.Kf6 6.Kf5 7.Ke4 8.Kxd4(Pd2) 9.Kxd3(Sb1) 10.Kc2 11.Kb2 12.Ka1 Qh8# (12...Qg7+? 13.Kxa2(Pa2-Ke8)!, Kxb1(Sb1-Ke8)!)

b) 1.Kb3 2.Ka2 3.Kb1 4.Kc1 5.Kd2 6.Kd3 7.Kxe4(Pe2) 8.Kf4 9.Kg3 10.Kf2 11.Ke1 12.Kd2 Qc3# (13.Kxd2(Pd2-Ke8)??)

March of King in both solutions. Unexpected a surprising mates using Pongracz Circe - fairy element of the future.

Lubos Kekely has 12.3.2010 reported cooks in both positions:
a) 1.Kb5 ... 8.Kxd4(Pd2) 9.Ke4 10.Kf3 Qg4#
b) 1.Kb3 ... 7.Kxe4(Pe2) Qd4#

ser-h#12 (5+1)
Pongracz Circe
b) shift position 1 column to the right

Dieter Müller
8th HM 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 55

a) 1.Qc6 2.Sd5 A 3.Rb4 B 4.Sb3 C 5.Bd4 D 6.c3 E 7.Kc4 F 8.Qc5 G Qe2#

b) 1.Kb5 2.Qc5 G 3.Sd5 A 4.Rb4 B 5.Sb3 C 6.Bd4 D 7.c3 E 8.Kc4 F Qf1#

Cycle of moves ABCDEFG, GABCDEF constructed with interesting and special fairy condition forcing mate position of black King on square c4. The only cycle in this tourney.

Update 12.12.2005: New version sent by Dieter Müller, with 3 pawns less.

ser-h#8 (2+7)
Black is mated at c4
b) e8 -» f8

Cosme Brull Mayol
Comm 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 12

a) 1.exd4 2.Kg6(Se4) 3.Kf5 4.Kxf4 5.d3(Bf3) 6.Kxf3 7.d2(Bf2) 8.Ke2 9.Kd1 Sc3#

b) 1.Bxf4 2.Ke5(Be3) 3.Kd5 4.Bxe3 5.Kc4(Bd2) 6.Bxd2 7.Kb4(Bc2) 8.Ka3 9.Bb4 Sb5#

The only entry with ideal mates in both solutions. Twice march of black King. Simple play without beauty or strategy.

ser-h#9 (3+2)
Circe Parrain
b) black Bishop e5

Karol Mlynka
Comm 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 47

1.Kc2 2.Rd1(w) 3.Kxd1(Rc2) 4.Sa3(w) 5.Re7(w)+ Kg4B#

1.Ke2 2.Rf1(w) 3.Kxf1(Re2) 4.Sc3(w) 5.Rg7(w)+ Kh3B#

Monochromatic echo and good exploitation of SuperTransmuting King possibilities with fairy conditions PWC and AntiAndernach. Total analogy, maybe symmetry too, in both solutions.

ser-h#5 (1+6)
Antiandernach chess, PWC
supertransmuting king c8

Juraj Lörinc
Comm 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 35


1.Kxh5 2.KAh8 3.Kh4 4.KAh3 5.Kg4 6.Kf5 7.Ke4 8.KAd3 9.Ke3 10.Kd2 11.Kc2 12.KAb1 13.Kc3 14.KAb3 15.KAa3 16.Kb4 17.KAb5 18.Kc4 19.KAf7 20.Kb3 21.KAa2 22.Ka4 23.KAa5 Sc5#

Antibattery mate in setplay. March of King with nice kangaroo play in solution.

ser-h#23* (5+4)
1+0 grasshopper, 0+3 kangaroo

Michel Caillaud
Comm 18th TT
Chess Composition Microweb C 10.10.2005
No. 51

1.Kd2 2.Ke1 3.Kf2 4.Kg3 5.Kh4 6.Kg5 7.Kf6 8.Kg7 9.Kh8 10.exf1Q f8Q#

1.Kb4 2.Ka5 3.Kb6 4.Kc7 5.Kd6 6.exd1S 7.Se3 8.Sd5 9.Sc7 10.Se8 fxe8S#

Smart double maximummer. Thematic promotions in both solutions. Simple play.

ser-h#10 (5+7)
Double Maximummer

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