Award of 15th TT Chess Composition Microweb - fairy section - C 30.9.2004

I have received 10 fairy helpmates, 7 of them in 2 moves, 1 in 3 moves and 2 in 5 moves. In the award there are only twomovers, however, as I've got the feeling that 2 of longer problems might be improved - simply 5-phase form is not best for the best depiction of the idea.

In the moment I am not sure that the chosen theme was the good one. Perhaps finding good 5-fold idea requires a bit more time. Nevertheless, awarded problems show there is some potential in the field and in the future we will surely see some excellent problems that would have scored well in this tourney if only there were composed for it.

Thanks to all participants and congratulations to successful authors!

Juraj Lörinc
Luxembourg, Bratislava, October 2004

Jan Golha
Comm (fairy section)
15th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 30.9.2004

1.Re7 Lxe7-d7 2.Re4 Lxe4-d4#
1.Re6 Lxe3-d2 2.Kc4 Lxe6-d5#
1.Kc6 Lxe4-d4 2.Re7 Lxe7-d7#

1.Re6 LOxe6-d5 2.Kc3 LOxe3-d2#

1.Re2 LOxe4-d3 2.Re5 LOxe5-d6#

The only problem that used the offered possibility of uneven distribution of solutions among positions. The diagram position shows 3-fold echo, but usual twinnings allows adding 2 more mates. Together we get 5-fold echo of locust model mate - it is funny that squares on d-file are each covered just once.

h#2 (3+3)
2+0 locust a)
b) c5 -» c2
c) f7 -» g6

Michal Dragoun
2nd HM (fairy section)
15th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 30.9.2004

1.Nd8 f8BG 2.Nxb4+ BHxb4#
1.CAd8 f8CA 2.CAxe5+ CAxe5#
1.NHc8 f8RH 2.NHxf2+ RHxf2#
1.Sc8 f8N 2.Sxb6+ Nxb6#
1.RHh8 f8NH 2.RHxh4 NHxh4#

White fairy AUW is allowed by disabling check by RHa8. Black piece (4 fairy and 1 orthodox) playing in the first move moves again (4 times giving check, 1 with no check) and unblocks square for mating white promotee. Strategic content is not particularly deep, but solutions are well matched.

(Manfred Rittirsch pointed the wrong position of NHa4 on the previous version of diagram, thanks!)

h#2 (14+10)
bishopper f3, nightrider-hopper g1 - a4
rookhopper a8 - c3, nightrider e6 - g6
camel b2 - c5,

Manfred Rittirsch
1st HM (fairy section)
15th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 30.9.2004

a) 1.Rf3 (R~?)Qe4 2.Rc6 Bc4#
b) 1.Bg8 Rxe6 2.Bb6 (B~?) Rxb6#
c) 1.Se2 (S~?) Bf5 2.e5 Bd7#
d) 1.f5 (f~?) Se5 2.d4 Bc4#
e) 1.Qe5 (Q~?) gxf7 2.Re8 fxe8B#

Classical task - Forsberg twinning - is motivated in an Eiffel style. The author managed to include choice of move in each twin, although in the b) the choice is in the 2nd move of Black. If there wasn't repeated mate, I would award it Prize.

h#2 (6+14)
Eiffel chess
b) bRg6, c) bBg6
d) bSg6, e) bPg6

Frantisek Sabol
2nd Prize (fairy section)
15th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 30.9.2004

1.Qxd4 f8Q 2.Qxd3 Qxd3#
1.Qc8 f8S 2.Qh3 Sxh3#
1.Qg8 f8R 2.Qa2 Rxa2#
1.Qb4 f8B 2.Qb2 Bxb2#
1.Qc5 f8G 2.Rd6 Gxc5#

White want to mate by Gf6. For that bQ and wP must move away from f-file. In fact, there is a masked battery Gf6-Qf8-pf7-Kf2 in the diagram position. It is not enough to move with bQ away and check after promotion by move anywhere as bQ could capture from d8 to f6 and White cannot stop at e7 as then bK could capture on e7. That's why bQ must move to square where it can be captured by promoted piece. Grasshopper promotion is followed by a bit different - rook - move that provides hurdle.

h#2 (9+8)
Mars Circe
1+0 grasshopper

Frantisek Sabol
1st Prize (fairy section)
15th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 30.9.2004

1.Qgxa8 e8B 2.Qa3 Sxa3#
1.Qgxg8 e8S 2.Qf8 Sg7#
1.Qgxd5 e8R 2.Qd2 Sxd2#
1.Qgxe7 Qxa1 2.Qg7 Sh6#
1.Qgxc7 e8Q 2.Qc3 Sxc3#

Genuine five-fold idea: there are 5 orthodox lines starting at d8, rebirth place of bQ. There are white pieces on all of these lines, all necessary for mating bK; Ba8 pins Rg2, Qc7 guards g4, Rd5 pins Qh2, pe7 serves as meat for capturing bQg1 or as a substitue for other white pieces captured by bQ and finally, Sg8 would mate if he was at black square. However, for that bQg1 must leave the first rank. So bQ makes 5 different captures and then allows wS to mate. AUW is included in the play very naturally and in the fifth solution thematic wp is captured. Excellent.

h#2 (6+13)
Mars Circe

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