14th TT CCM C 31.5.2004 - other judge's comments

(Here you can find judge's comments to unawarded problems and also a comparison problem that is referenced in the award.)

IM03 (-/kc7, h#2), IM04 (ka3/kh5, h#2), IM05 (kc4/kg5, h#2), IM07 (kb6/kh8, h#2), IM14 (ka2/kd5, h#2), IM22 (kd8/kd4, h#2)
   very common, nothing special
IM06 (kh5/kd5, h#2)
   two diagonal-orthogonal mates in a Wenigsteiner but white King only serves to prevent a dual in solution
IM08 (kd6/ke1, h#2)
   weak black play, weak twinning even if mates are interesting
IM11 (kb3/kd4, h#2)
   presenting 6 solutions is ambitious but unfortunately I couldn't appreciate it because the solutions are not homogeneous and too many combinations of fairy pieces are used - many of them are useless in some solutions
IM12 (kb8/kf5, h#2)
IM13 (kc6/ke4, h#2), IM14 (ka2/kd5, h#2)
   the dual avoidance variations are not very convincing
IM15 (kf2/kf4, h#2)
   good construction, but I do not like the piece equihopper (my personal taste)
IM17 (kh2/kd3, h#2)
   white Queen plays the role of a Bishop in solutions; even if the wQ is needed to avoid cooks, it doesn't create a good impression in the diagonal-orthogonal echo
IM22 (kd8/kd4, h#2), IM36 (kg4/kg8, h#3), IM37 (kc1/kc4, h#3), IM39 (kh5/kd5, h#5,5), IM40 (kg7/kc3, h#6)
   solutions are insufficiently homogeneous
IM25 (kh3/kd4, h#2)
   (initial comment was cancelled as judge wrote that he had not find the optimal expression)
IM30 (kc6/kh5, h#2,5)
   miniature in which wK doesn't play any role in one of the solutions
IM31 (kh5/kc6, h#2,5)
   I do not like last moves (capture of a  discriminant pawn), but the problem is not bad
IM33 (kd4/kf8, h#3)
   too heavy position
IM35 (kf1/kh5, h#3)
   the twinning is too powerful (bK moved from a-file to h-file)
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Michal Dragoun
2nd Comm 14th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 31.5.2004
No. IM26
version by judge Ion Murarasu

1.Bc6 b8S 2.Kxe4 Sxc6#

1.Rf7 h8S 2.Kxf4 Sxf7#

1.Qxe4 Bc6 2.Qxf4 cxb5#

1.Qxf4 Rf7 2.Qxe4 hxg7#

Judge managed to save 3 units.

h#2 (11+8)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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