Selection from award of Bakonyoszlop 1998 - h#3

Just today (December 21st) I received the award of Hungarian formal tourney. Here I present top works from helpmate section. Thanks to Pál Benyovszky we have comments of judge in English, he also pointed I did mistake in judge's name... Judge's and my (written before I received judge's) comments included.
Judged by Janos Csak, 4 prizes, 6 HMs, 7 Comms.

Chris J. Feather
1st Prize Bakonyoszlop C 30.4.1998

1.Ke5 Rxg6 2.Qxc5 Bxc5 3.Bd4 Bd6#

1.Kd3 Be1 2.Rxc4 Rxc4 3.Rd4 Rc3#

JC (judge): "Regrouping of the pins of the normal position, drawing new Black line-pieces into it, in perfect harmony."

JL (maintainer): "Beautiful echo diagonal-orthogonal, model mates."

h#3 (6+8)

György Bakcsi
2nd Prize Bakonyoszlop C 30.4.1998

a) 1.b1S Bxa3 2.Qh2 Bc5 3.Sa3 O-O-O#

b) 1.Qh2 Rc2 2.dxc2 Rd1 3.c1B Ke2#

JC: "Two sensationally justified Black underpromotions, with White castling, battery mates and annihilation."

JL: "Mainly underpromotions."

h#3 (6+7)
b) wRc1

Alexandr Pankratiev
Dieter Müller

3rd Prize Bakonyoszlop C 30.4.1998

a) 1.Qxe5 Bd4 2.Ke4 Rc3 3.Kxd4 Rc4#

b) 1.Qe4 Rd4 2.Kxe5 Bb4 3.Kxd4 Bc3#

JC: "White line closing, Umnov, annihilation and switchback, but with clumsy twinning."

JL: "Blocking, sacrifice, Umnov, switchback, but rather unfortunate twin."

h#3 (8+10)
b) c4 -» b4

Viktor Bene
4th Prize Bakonyoszlop C 30.4.1998

1.Qc4 Bb1 2.axb1R bxc4 3.Rb6 Ra1#

1.Qa7 Rg1 2.fxg1B b4 3.Bb6 Bd3#

JC: "Unexpected promotions, beautiful sacrifices, presented in perfect harmony."

JL: "Reciprocal sacrifices and promotions, model mates."

h#3 (4+5)

Oto Mihalco
Comm Bakonyoszlop C 30.4.1998

1.Rf6 Rg2 2.Re6+ Rg7 3.Re5 Rd7#

1.Rc3 Rxb4 2.Rc4+ Rb2 3.Rd4 Rb5#

JL: "Repeated unpins by same units, whole play by rooks."

h#3 (4+9)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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