Antibattery mates 1

Our 6th TT CCM is dedicated to antibattery mates. By chance issue 130 of feenschach was recently delivered to me and it contains long article by GM Petko Petkov that describes his method of creating new problems from old schemes, cooked or not sufficiently constructed problems. As an example he shows many varying problems originating in simple antibattery scheme. So you can take these problems as examples too...
Petko A. Petkov
Mat 1987
Correction: feenschach 130 - 1998

1.EMe5+? Kf4+!
1.PRe5+? Kf5+!

1.EMc5+? Ke3+!
1.PRd6+? Kd3+!

1.PRh2? th. 2.EMe5# A, 1...Gf4! a
1.EMh5? th. 2.PRe5# B, 1...f5! b

1.EMb5! th. 2.EMxd4#
1...Gf4 a 2.EMe5# A
1...f5 b 2.PRe5# B
1...Sf3 2.EMc5#
1...Se2 2.PRd6#

Scheme for Dombrovskis with anticritical moves and antibattery mates is well known, here are the 2 analogical Somov mates added to it.

#2 (9+10)
empress a5, princess c7, 5+1 grasshopper

Petko A. Petkov
3rd Prize Schach-Echo 1978
New version: feenschach 130 - 1998

1.Rb4? zz, 1...Gc4, c5, c6 2.!, Nd4#, Bd4#

1.Ba7? zz, 1...Gc4, c5, c6 2.Nd4#, !, Rd4#

1.Nb8! zz, 1...Gc4, c5, c6 2.Bd4#, Rd4#, Nf6#

Another known scheme, this one from Brabec's works, no threat paradoxes, but carousel change with antibattery mates.

#2 (8+5)
1+1 grasshopper, 1+0 nightrider

Petko A. Petkov
Schach-Echo 1980
Correction: feenschach 130 - 1998

a) 1.Ba4 Ra5 2.Bd7 Ne5#

b) 1.Gg2 Nc1 2.Ge4 Re5#

Direct unpin, anticritical move, indirect unpin and interference, antibattery mate.

h#2 (5+8)
grasshopper g7, b7, nightrider f7, b8
b) b8 -» d2

Petko A. Petkov
5th HM feenschach 1980
Correction: feenschach 130 - 1998

a) 1.Rc4 Bh3 2.Re4 Nf5#

b) 1.Sc4 Nh1 2.Se3 Bf5#

Halfpin activation, anticritical move, blocking and covering by providing hurdle, triple (direct and 2x indirect) antibattery mate.

h#2 (8+3)
4+0 grasshopper, 1+0 nightrider
b) a8 -» c3

Petko A. Petkov
feenschach 130 - 1998

1.Bd3 Nh1 2.d5 Rf5#

1.Bc2 Rf2 2.d6 Nf5#

Unpinning of pd7 and opening of white line and closing of black line, anticritical move, opening of mating line and closing of black line, antibattery mate. Mates use closings of two lines of paralysis.

h#2 (5+9)
2+0 grasshopper, 1+2 nightrider

Petko A. Petkov
feenschach 130 - 1998

1.Bf2 Nxf2(Bf8) 2.Rxb3(Gb8) Rd6#

1.Sd3 Rxd3(Sg8) 2.Qxb3(Gb8) Nd6#

Excellent Circe strategy. First black move opens line for 2nd black move and provides piece that after capture on 1st white move in fact unpins white piece before activation of 8th rank, 2nd black move sets G to b8 and then antibattery mate follows.

h#2 (4+12)
1+0 nightrider, 1+1 grasshopper

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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