4th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 1.3.2000

Some people know, most of them don't know, but one of my most favourite fairy conditions is Patrol chess. This may be well documented by the number of my works that use it. Also, many of them are among my very best compositions. The happy coincidence of this announcement's date and PCCC congress beginning date gave me an idea: now it is the time to start TT, that will be well popularizing Patrol chess, I hope Peter Gvozdják would be able to do good job advertising it on PCCC congress in Netanya...


Chess Composition Microweb (maintained by Juraj Lörinc) announces formal thematical tourney for any kind of problems in Patrol chess with mate obtained by patrolling of the unit, that already threatened King before mating move, but it didn't give check as it wasn't patrolled. Any further fairy conditions and/or fairy pieces are allowed.

Judge: Juraj Lörinc.

Entries should be sent by email to dragoun@sascr.cz before March 1st 2000. (or possibly by snail mail to Michal Dragoun, Amforová 1899, 155 00 PRAHA, Czech Republic, but e-mail is preferred). The award will be published at Chess Composition Microweb and there is also possibility of paper printed form.

Please, let know your friends about our competition!


Study them and read the comments written by judge personally (eh, it's me, Juraj Lörinc, who else :-)), they can guide you well during preparing the entries that can gain top places.


Finally we have the award. Many thanks go this time to Michal Dragoun who agreed to act as a tourney director and did his job very seriously and precisely. We had 11 competing problems. I again read my remarks given above about examples and I must confess that final ranking goes against a few of them: 1st and 3rd Prizes have thematical mates patrolling the same unit on the same square, 1st Prize is one-phase twomover, etc. But I kept my word to judge on total impression that particular problem made on me and especially with Prizes I am really satisfied. Thus the tourney was successful thanks to the following authors that submitted their problems:
And here are the winners:
Award by Juraj Lörinc

Send any claims against this award directly to Juraj Lörinc before the end of June 2000, please.

As no essential claims were received, the award becomes final.

Again many thanks to everyone who helped tourney success in whichever way. We also invite you to take part in 5rd TT Chess Composition Microweb.

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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