34th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 4.4.2014

Once again the previous TT CCM is closed. Already half a year ago I have good luck in finding multiple people willing to judge some of the upcoming TT CCM. Even the theme of the 34th TT is fixed since then. Now the time for revealing it has come.



Chess Composition Microweb announces formal thematical tourney for fairy selfmates with at least two antibattery mates.

Judge: Sven Trommler (Germany)

Any fairy pieces and/or any fairy conditions are allowed. The tourney might be divided to multiple sections if enough problems are received and again, depending on the opinion of the judge.

Entries should be sent by email to juraj.lorinc@gmail.com before April 4th, 2014. The award will be published at Chess Composition Microweb.

Please, let know your friends about our competition!

Strucny slovensky preklad temy: Turnaj je vypisany pre exo samomaty lubovolnej dlzky, v ktorych sa vyskytuju aspon dva antibateriove maty bielemu.

Antibattery definition

Usually the terms used in the theme TTs of CCM are defined loosely and wide set of interpretations is possible. However after consultation with the judge, in the case of the 34th TT CCM the strict definition of antibattery from the FIDE Album should be followed in the thematic entries:

Antibattery: a piece requiring a hurdle gives check through a move of a piece of the same colour (the hurdle) on to its line.

That is also why three of the originally published examples were deleted from the list below. Namely in s#4 in Circe Rex Inclusiv by Theodor Tauber and s#16 in Köko by Juraj Lörinc there are no pieces requiring hurdles, while in s#2 with various grasshoppers in Vogtlaender chess by Juraj Lörinc black mating moves provides hurdle for the white hoppers, i.e. the piece of the opposite colour.

Two remaining examples satisfy the theme.


At CCM there are already two thematical examples:
Special examples files:


We had 12 problems competing in the tourney, submitted by six authors:
And here are the winners: the award by Sven Trommler.

Send any claims against this award to Juraj Lörinc before August 31th, 2014, please.

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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