17th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 30.6.2005

Our previous 16th TT Chess Composition Microweb was dedicated to SAT helpmates and not surprisingly there were not too many entries. To my surprise, however, they were quite good and have proven once again that imaginative minds can a lot of interesting even in the less popular genre. I have all reasons to believe that theme chosen for this TT will attract more problems...

For a long time there were almost no problems with neutral units shown on CCM - and those using them were with no diagram or had turned white or black units representing them. The reason was simple - I was too lazy to prepare their pictures, and for a long time. However quite recently, just a few months ago, I have drawn them and inserted all the missing diagrams. So now we can have also the theme tourney dedicated to neutrals!


Chess Composition Microweb announces formal thematical tourney for any kind of problems with at least 3 different mating moves made by neutral units.. Any other fairy elements (pieces, conditions) are allowed.

Judge: Paul Raican (Romania)

Entries should be sent by email to juraj.lorinc@bigfoot.com before June 30th 2005. The award will be published at Chess Composition Microweb.

Please, let know your friends about our competition!

Slovensky preklad temy: turnaj je vypisany pre akekykolvek typ uloh, v ktorych su aspon 3 rozne matujuce tahy neutralnymi kamenmi. Su dovolene i lubovolne dalsie exoprvky.

Examples and thoughts about theme

It should be noted that there are very many problems with just 2 different mating moves with neutral units, especially in helpmate genre. These with 3 different mating moves are not scarce too. When the mater is given by neutral unit, such a mating move must be in a sense irreversible. Irreversibility might be ensured by different means: selfpin, capture by neutral pawn, selfparalysis, Circe double check, batetry jump by grasshopper... and it would be great to discover new means in out theme tourney. So far we have published on CCM the following thematical examples: Here is also special example file:


Many thanks to mr. Paul Raican for preparing his award. 28 problems were received for the tourney, but 2 turned out not to be thematic. The tourney was successful thanks to the following authors that submitted their compositions:
And here are the winners: Send any claims against this award to Juraj Lörinc before November 30th 2005, please.

As no claims were received, the award becomes final.

Again many thanks to everyone who helped tourney success in whichever way.

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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