Examples for 3rd TT Pat a Mat C 31.3.2001

Read more about 3rd TT Pat a Mat at its announcement page, shortly said, it is dedicated to helpmates with exactly 3 solutions showing some cyclic theme, orthodox or fairy helpmates are welcomed, there are 3 examples below.
Lennart Werner
4th HM Wola Gulowska C 15.5.1996

1.Qxb8 Sxb7 2.Kxb7 Rxb8#

1.Qxc8 Qxa7+ 2.Kxa7 Sxc8#

1.Qxd6 Rxc6+ 2.Kxc6 Qxd6#

Cycle of functions of 3 white pieces: passive sacrifice, active sacrifice, mating. Problem is moreover unified by moves of black pieces, in 1st move queen, in 2nd king.

h#2 (5+8)

Jurij Belokon
Alexej Ivunin
Valerij A. Kirillov

3rd HM Phénix 1993

1.0-0 Sf6 2.Kh8 Rxg7 3.Rg6 Rh7#

1.Rh1 Sg3 2.0-0 Sf5 3.Rh8 Rxg7#

1.Se5 Rxg7 2.Sf7 Rh7 3.0-0 Sf6#

Special cycle: black move 0-0 and white move Rxg7 are cyclically appearing in 1st and 2nd, 2nd and 3rd, 3rd and 1st move respectively.

h#3 (3+9)

Zdenek Meergans
1541 Sachova Skladba 12/1987

1.Be3 Gb5 2.Gf4 Qd5#

1.Gf4 Kc2 2.Gad4 Qe6#

1.Gad4 Gh7 2.Be3 Qf5#

Common cycle of black moves. Three model mates.

h#2 (3+7)
2+1 grasshopper

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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