Selfmates with active white king 7

We've already seen a selection of fairy selfmates with variations beginning by different wK moves. There are some other of this kind in this file.
Carl Becker
3rd Comm Schach 1952

1...Rxg7 2.Kxf1 Rxg1#
1...Ra8 2.Kxd1 Ra1#

1...Qh2 2.Bf4+ Qxe2#
1...Qxb2 2.Bd4+ Qxe2#

If not very economical, surely at least interesting radical change. Before key, wK steps into mating nets, but there is no pure waiting move and White unpins bQ that mates after battery check preventing her switchback.

s#2 (5+11)

Uri Avner
7th HM 11th TT diagrammes 1993

1.Qd4! th. 2.Be1+ Kg2#
1...Rbe8 2.Kg2+ Re1#
1...Rge8 2.Kf2+ Re1#

Quite complicated Anticirce play. White threts forcing direct king mate, that's why Black blocks bK's rebirth square. However this sets up rook battery with bK as rear piece(!) and White forces its firing by direct king check. Note departure dual avoidance using Sg4 - if bR leaves b8, it prevents Kf2+, but also guards h2 and thus makes Kg2+ possible selfmate attack.

s#2 (7+5)
Anticirce type Cheylan

Walther Jörgensen
dedicated to G. Jönsson
1st Prize Tidskrift för Schack 1976

1.Kb5! zz
1...gxh1Q 2.Ka6 Qa8+ 3.Qa7+ Qxa7#
1...gxh1S 2.Kc4 Sf2 3.Qxb4+ Rxb4#
1...gxh1R 2.Kc6 Ra1 3.Qc1 Rxc1#
1...gxh1B 2.Ka4 Ba8 3.Qc6 Bxc6#

AUW is followed by the star of wK. Also in 3rd white move always plays wQ, adding more unity to the business. Everything works as White can rely on 2nd Black move after respective promotions.

s#3 (6+12)

Michel Caillaud
1st Prize TT Pitlochry 2003

1.Kd7! zz
1...h5 2.Ke6 h4 3.Bd7 ROc3 4.Rc7 ROxc7#
1...hxg5 2.Kc6 g4 3.ROe6 g3 4.ROc7 Qxc7#

The play is differentiated by humble ph6 that is either blocked already on 2nd move, forcing White to allow null move by rose, or blocked on 3rd move only, but in this case it clears way for ROh3 to e6. Final moves are captures of pinners by pinned pieces, but thanks to geometry of rose, these moves aren't made on the pin lines! Another attractive feature is, that both mates are model and wK relatively undisturbed walks into mating nets first.

How can one compose something like that during weekend meeting, along chatting with other composers etc., it's a mystery for me...

s#4 (8+4)
1+1 rose

Petko A. Petkov
in memoriam of my father Andon
1st Prize Phénix 1994

1.Sh3! zz
1...Nc2 2.Ke5+ Kd3 3.Qe4+ Kd2 4.Qf4+ Kd3 5.Sc5+ Qxc5#
1...Nxb3 2.Kf3+ Kd3 3.Qe4+ Kd2 4.Qg4+ Kd3 5.Rxe3+ Qxe3#
1...e2 2.Kf4+ Kd3 3.Qe4+ Kd2 4.Qe5+ Kd3 5.Sf2+ Qxf2#

An excellent study in battery firing and creation. White king fires a battery 3 times and then wQ enters the square just left by wK and fires it again. Unbelievable economy for such a rich content and very subtle zugzwang position with 3 different mates. PAP is PAP...

s#5 (12+6)
2+1 nightrider

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