Queen promotions 1

It is the 1st special example file for the 11th TT CCM C 28.2.2003.
Roméo Bedoni
Die Schwalbe 1965

1.Qc8+ dxc8Q 2.Kd2 Qc3#

1.Qh8 d8Q 2.Qxd4 Qxd4#

1.Qe8 dxe8Q+ 2.Kd3 Qe2#

First two solutions are in exact echo, the third one has slightly different guarding of flights, but my view is that freely said, it is echoed too. The form of mating picture is the same despite the different pieces guarding flights - it is like with different types of black units blocking corresponding squares in echoed mates.

h#2 (5+2)

Chris J. Feather
8 Moultings 3 1991

a) 1.Ke8 exf8Q+ 2.Kd7 Qxd8#

b) 1.Rd6 exd8Q 2.Ke6 Qe8#

c) 1.Rg6 e8Q+ 2.Kf6 Qxf8#

Cycle of squares entered by white pawn in first and second move! It is possible only thanks to promotion.

h#2 (3+8) C+ (3+8)
b) b7 -» e3
c) b7 -» f3

Louis Scotti
5th Comm Europe Echecs 1965

1.Kd8 hxg8S 2.Rd7 b8Q#

1.Ke8 b8S 2.Re7 hxg8Q#

1.Rc8 bxc8S+ 2.Kf8 h8Q#

Three echoed model mates. First two solutions have very similar play, they are like mirror images of each other, but third removes entirely mechanical look and adds enough spice.

h#2 (3+3)

Julius Dohrn-Lüttgens
dedicated to W. Karsch
Feenschach 1969

1.h1B c6 2.Bhxd5 c7 3.Bxc4 c8Q 4.Kb5 Qb7#

1.h1S c6 2.Sxf2 cxd7 3.Se4 d8Q 4.Sc3 Qxd6#

1.h1R c6 2.Rxh3 cxd7 3.Rxd3 dxe8Q 4.Rc3 Qa4#

Three black underpromotions are followed by three white promotions on different squares. I wonder whether it possible to do it without promoted bishops as they serve only as locks preventing movement of black units that have to be captured on the way of wp.

h#4 (9+11)

Fadil Abdurahmanovic
Mat 1978

1.Kf6 Kg2 2.Kg7 f6+ 3.Kh8 f7 4.Rh7 f8Q#

1.Kf4 f6 2.Kg3 f7 3.Kh2 fxe8Q 4.Kh1 Qxh5#

1.Kd5 fxe6 2.Kc6 e7 3.Kb7 exd8Q 4.Ka8 Qxc8#

1.Kd4 fxe6 2.Kc3 exd7 3.Kb2 dxc8Q 4.Ka1 Qc1#

Black king is mated in 4 corners after 4 queen promotions on different squares, with model mates. The form of 4 solutions is very nice and the length (4 moves) is in this case the minimal possible (as bK alone needs so many moves).

h#4 (2+12)

Tivadar Kardos
New Year's Card 1952

1.f1Q+ Kg3 2.Qc1 h4 3.Qg5+ hxg5 4.b1Q g6 5.Qb4 g7 6.Qf8 gxf8Q#

Classical use of black queen promotions. The queens are the only pieces that have good path to capture square.

h#6 (2+9)

Gabor Cseh
Mat Plus 1997

1.c4 d8Q 2.c3 Qd6 3.Sg3+ Qxg3 4.hxg3 c8Q 5.h4 Qg4 6.g2+ Qxg2 7.fxg2+ Kxg2 8.f1R g7 9.Rf8 gxf8Q 10.Ke2 Qf3#

Absolute lack of black moves forces White to sacrifice of his newly born queens. Only third one can mate, after definitive unlocking of black pieces.

h#10 (7+14)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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