Popular fairy problems 6

Our 9th TT is dedicated to "popular fairy problems". The theme is very vaguely defined and thus the problems clearly "popular" for one composer may be very different from the compositions with that adjective in the view of some other problemist. That's why there is very wide scope for ideas.

This is already 6th file with new examples and again here are some helpmates. All of them show very popular chess move - promotion. It is very rare in over-the-board played chess and thus it is very appealing element, usually. They aren't so much rare in chess problems and there are hundreds of compositions featuring them. 5 given helpmates are only more-or-less randomly chosen examples...
Leonard Balbus
The Problemist 1979

1...f8G 2.e1G Sd5#

1.e1G f8G 2.Gxb4 a8G#

Would you believe it is the position where Black has no waiting move allowing set mating continuation? But it is true. To be fair, some of the black units can be removed without affecting the solution, so it seems the author wanted to show changed set mate with maximum black pieces on the board that can move. Regarding promotions, there is 5 grasshopper promotions in 7 moves, not bad, although f8G and e1G repeat. In any case interesting helpmate despite horrible economy, that can surely be improved.

h#2* (10+16)
2+0 grasshopper

Unto Heinonen
1st Prize Springaren 1998

1.d1B c8R 2.Bc2 Rc4#
1.d1R c8S 2.Rd5 Sb6#

1.d1S c8Q 2.Sb2 Qe8#
1.d1Q c8B 2.Qg4 Bd7#

Mixed Babson task! Promotions are popular and so finely matched promotions are especially attractive.

h#2 (4+10)
b) b5 -» e6

Michel Caillaud
Problemkiste 1995

a) 1...f8R 2.Kf7 e8S 3.Kg8 Sg7 4.Kh8 Rg8#

b) 1...f8B 2.Kc4 Bg7 3.Kb3 Bc3 4.Kc2 e8Q#

Absolutely economical allumwandlung. There are only two kings and two thematical pawns on the board. Note precisement of bK journeys by avoiding entering the square that must be blocked by white in the mate.

h#3,5 (3+1)
Mars Circe
b) e6 -» d5

Klaus Wenda
Heinrich Bernleitner

1st HM Die Schwalbe 1991

1.g1G Kf3 2.f1G Kxe3 3.e1G Kxd3 4.d1G Kc3 5.c1G Gh2#

Oh yes, 5 grasshopper promotions...

h#5 (3+14)
1+1 grasshopper

Oleg Paradzinskij
11166 Die Schwalbe June 2001

1.f2+ Kf1 2.e2+ Kg2 3.f1B+ Kf3 4.Re3+ Kf4 5.Rf3+ Ke5 6.e1Q+ Kd6 7.Qg3+ Kd7 8.Bh3+ Kc6 9.Qg6+ Kd5 10.Rf5+ Ke4 11.Rh5+ Kf4 12.Qg3+ hxg3#

Usual Ultraschachzwang problem - precisely determined promotions, ideal mate and long journey of white king including irregular round trip.

h#12 (2+4)

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