Popular fairy problems 3

Our 9th TT is dedicated to "popular fairy problems". In 1st and 2nd special example files we've seen some direct mates and helpmates problems, below you can find various selfmates.
Kurt Ewald
6th Comm Die Schwalbe 1991

1.Sg4! Qd4 2.Rf6 Qa7 3.Bb6 Qe7 4.Se3 Qa3#

Simple and understandable - cyclical exchange of places of 3 white pieces with minimal length.

s#4 (4+8)

Yves Cheylan
3rd HM The Problemist 1993

1.Rf7 e4 2.Rh8 Sxf7(Sg8) 3.Qa5 Sxe7(Sb8) 4.c3 Sxd7(Sg8)#

Black knight is pinned by white rook, but he makes 3 moves on the pin line anyway! It is allowed by special Anticirce properties. Moreover there are many Anticirce constructional tricks used and white king has before key 5 flights!

s#4 (10+7)
Anticirce type Cheylan

Vladimir Kozhakin
Brian Chamberlain

F2032v The Problemist July 2001

1.Ke7 Qa8 2.c6 Qh8 3.Kd6 Qa1 4.d4 Qh1 5.Kc5 Qxc6#

Understandable theme - round trip of bQ including all 4 corners.

s#5 (3+3)

Ronald Turnbull
Stephen Emmerson

3213 Phénix 76 - July-August 1999

1.c8Q! a3 2.e8Q! a2 3.Qa8+ a1Q 4.Kb5+ Qa4 5.Qeb8+ Qb4#

Very instructive problem for Isardam.In this fairy condition the moves causing Madrasi paralysis are not allowed. This applies to capture of king as well. Thus in the final position wK cannot leave b-file.

3 queen promotions.

s#5 (3+2)

Alexander Hildebrand
Christer Jonsson

1st Comm Thema Danicum 2000

Zig-zag condition means that Black moves if and only if he can check and he must check.

1.Kc1 2.Ra7! 3.Kd2 4.Ke3 5.Kf4 6.Kg5 7.Kg6 Se7+ 8.Kh7 9.Rc7! 10.Kg7 Sf5+ 11.Kh8 12.Rh7 0-0-0#

The point of the problems lies in the exporting wK to h8 without allowing Black to check too much. For that, white rook makes careful moves on 7th rank.

s#12 (3+3)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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