Helpmates with twin by moving black king 12

Here are various black king twinned helpmates that I found in last days.
Viktor Bene
Christer Jonsson

H2079 The Problemist May 1997

a) 1.Be4 Rf2 2.Bxd5 Bxd5#
b) 1.Rc3 Bd1 2.Rxc5 Rxc5#

Unusual strategy in echo diagonal-orthogonal with model mates.

h#2 (6+7)
b) e6 -» a5

Janez Nastran
H2127 The Problemist November 1997

a) 1.Sd4+ Se2 2.Sec2 Sc3#
b) 1.Sc2+ Se3 2.Sed4 Sg4#

Interversion of black moves again with opening of white line initially twice closed. Checks, of course.

h#2 (5+9)
b) d5 -» f6

Lennart Werner
3497 U.S.P.B. 105-105/1997

a) 1.Qxf1 Sxf1 2.Sxf2 Sxf2#
b) 1.Qxd3 Bxd3 2.Sxe3 Bxe3#

Annihilation of white material in rather economic position.

h#2 (5+6)
b) h3 -» h6

Alexandr Pankratjev
6630 feenschach 111/1994

a) 1.Kg6 Kb3 2.Qh5 Se4 3.Bh7 Rf6#
b) 1.Kg3 Kc5 2.Rh2 Rf4 3.Sg2 Se2#

You probably can find some common elements with h#3 by Cyril Opalek, but the latter has 2 solutions!

h#3 (3+13)
b) h7 -» g2

Christer Jonsson
H2137 The Problemist November 1997

a) 1.d1R Kf3 2.Ra1 Sxc4 3.Re4 Rb2#
b) 1.d1B Kxe3 2.Ba4 Rb2 3.Be4 Sxc4 #

Here are at least the promotions new to scheme.

h#3 (3+10)
b) a2 -» a3

V. I. Zheltonozhko
V. A. Kirillov

3505 U.S.P.B. 105-105/1997

a) 1.f1Q hxg4 2.Qh3 Bd8 3.Qh6 Se5#
b) 1.b1R Bd8 2.Rb6 Se5 3.Rh6 hxg4#
c) 1.f1B Se5 2.Bc4 hxg4 3.Be6 Bd8#

Cycle of white moves and 3 black promotions. Not bad.

h#3 (5+11)
b) g6 -» h5
c) g6 -» f6

Constantinos Paizis
H2091 The Problemist May 1997

a) 1.Bb2 Rc1 2.Se3 Rh1 3.Sc2 Bg1 4.Kc1 Be3#
b) 1.Sxg3 Bf2 2.Se2 Bh4 3.Bd2 Rg3 4.Ke1 Rg1#

Almost echo mates - only white pieces reciprocally change functions of rear and firing battery piece.

h#4 (4+3)
b) d2 -» d1

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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