Csak - Majoros tourney - 2000 - h# - Selection from award

The tourney for h#3 was judged by Janos Csak. Comments below are by JL.
Michal Dragoun
1st Prize Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

a) 1.Ke6 Bxb7 2.Rdd8! (Rd6?) Bxe4 3.Bd6 Bf5#

b) 1.Ke5 Rxb6 2.Be7! (Bd6?) Rxf6 3.Rd6 Rf5#

Almost perfect echo diagonal-orthogonal.I'd say that manoeuvres of white are well known as the move by bK is, but I like the fact that there is dual avoidance of the move on the same square although because of different motives. Unpinning of white pieces is nicely incorporated.

h#3 (3+13)
b) -pe7

Jorge Marcelo Kapros
Jorge Joaquin Lois

2nd Prize Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

a) 1.Sxg5 Bxg5 2.Qd4 Bxc1 3.Rd3 Sg5#

b) 1.Rxd6+ Rxd6 2.Qf4 Rxd1 3.Be3 Sd6#

Nice echo diagonal-orthogonal too, where black clears mating square, but white again occupies it by line mover, then it leaves the mating square and only then the mate may take place there.

h#3 (8+9)
b) f5 -» f3

Sven Trommler
3rd Prize Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

1.Qb8 Rxd3 2.Sd1 Rd8 3.Ba7 Be4#

1.Qb7 Bxd3 2.Sb1 Be4 3.Ra7 Rd8#

And just another echo diagonal-orthogonal, with line clearance, Umnov unpins, double blocks and pin mates.

h#3 (3+10)

László Apró
Special Prize Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

1.Kb5 f8S 2.Kc6 d8S+ 3.Kd6 e8S#

h#3 (5+8)

Christer Jonsson
1st HM Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

1.gxh2 Rf2 2.hxg1B Rxd2 3.Bb6 Rd5#

1.g2 Sf3 2.gxf1B Sxd2 3.Bb5 Sc4#

Fine Zilahi with bishop promotions forced by placing of white king. Note Almost ideal economy - only ph2 plays no role in second solution. Great!

h#3 (5+5)

Ladislav Salai sr.
Comm Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

a) 1.Sd4 cxd4 2.Rxc5 bxc5 3.Qe3 dxe3#

b) 1.Qe3 dxe3 2.Sd4 cxd4 3.Rxc5 bxc5#

Cycle of pairs of moves. The change of move order is motivated by changing sequence of black lines' opening.

h#3 (9+7)
b) h6 -» h3

Christopher Jones
Comm Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

a) 1.Qf8 Re5 2.dxe5 f3 3.Qc5 Sf5#

b) 1.Qf5 Se4 2.dxe4 f4 3.Qc5 Rd1#

Sacrifices of white pieces motivated by need to open bQ line to c5.

h#3 (5+10)
b) h4 -» e3

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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